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Alright, we can move now. Here's the key to the Fire Station.Logan

The Searchlight fire station or Searchlight Fire & Rescue No. 1,[1] is a building in Camp Searchlight in 2281, located near the Searchlight Elementary School. The entirety of the fire station is highly irradiated.


The station is only accessible by acquiring the Searchlight fire station key from Logan, a prospector found in the storage area of the Searchlight west church. Once acquired, access to the entrance/garage area will result in an attack from a radscorpion queen along with several smaller radscorpions.[Non-canon 1]

On the wall opposite the entrance are two fire axes. The shelving unit next to the axes contains two RadAway and five fire helmets.

The upstairs level consists of four main rooms, including a large room full of beds and duffle bags, a kitchen containing numerous irradiated consumables, a bathroom, and the fire chief's office. The office contains a locked terminal, a RadAway, and another fire helmet. The bathroom is where the unique fire axe Knock-Knock can be found, as well as the last fire helmet. Around the back of the station are two fire trucks with Searchlight fire station logos in an enclosed parking lot.

Notable loot

  • Knock-Knock - Found in the upstairs bathroom, in the stall with the skeleton, on the right side of the toilet.
  • Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap - On the table in the kitchen, next to several empty bottles.
  • Seven fire helmets - Five on the ground floor on the shelves in the garage, one upstairs in the chief's office on a shelf, and one in the bathroom stall where Knock-Knock is found.
  • Legion orders - Found on two recruit legionaries in the garage.
  • In the base game, most variants of irradiated food are found here.


  • Most of the food in the kitchen is irradiated, yet the food in the refrigerator is not.
  • On the left-hand side upon entering, there are two dead legionaries whose corpses can be looted to find instructions given by Vulpes Inculta. In front of them are two flatbed trucks containing sealed canisters of nuclear waste; two of these canisters are on the ground, having been opened by the dead legionaries. This is the source of the radiation which irradiated and destroyed Camp Searchlight.
  • There are two fire trucks outside of the station that would be too big to fit through the bay door.
  • The terminal in the upstairs office of the fire station gives a further insight into the history of Camp Searchlight. The terminal entry mentions the arrival of three trucks carrying radioactive waste, two of which can be found in the fire station garage. It was these trucks that the Legion used to flood the camp with radiation and turn most of the stationed NCR troopers into feral ghouls - however, it mentions that they did not have room for the third truck of radioactive barrels, so it left Camp Searchlight for Cottonwood Cove. This third truck appears to be the same one that can be seen hanging off the edge of the cliff at Cottonwood overlook.


The Searchlight fire station appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The Searchlight fire station is based on the real world location of Clark County Fire Station 75 in Searchlight, Nevada.




  1. Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide Collector's Edition Tour of the Mojave Wasteland: Searchlight fire station and Southern Turret Defenses, p. 421: "Activating the turrets here is difficult. This is the main defenses on the south side, adjacent to the Fire Station and School. Currently, the Fire Station is sealed up, and the only known key resides with a Prospector called Logan; Side Quest: Wheel of Fortune."