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The search party logs are a series of paper notes in Fallout 3.


They tell the story of a party who was searching for Cheryl, the sister of the party's leader. They eventually lead the Lone Wanderer to the location of a super mutant behemoth near Jury Street Metro station.



Search party log #1

Grave with party log #1, south east in L'Enfant

First time I've thought to update the log since leaving Canterbury. Guard at the Citadel wouldn't let us in, but said a scribe had given Cheryl the medicine at least two weeks ago and sent her along to the Rangers. From the sounds of it, Myles didn't make it as far as Citadel. Damn shame, he was a good mutt.

Still no sign of Cheryl. Rumors about the city are true - place is a death trap. Mutants and psychos at every turn. Cheryl's tough enough, but I'm worried, especially with Myles missing. Emmet just about went to pieces the first time we ran into a centaur.

We should be able to reach the Ranger compound in before sundown tomorrow. Kaya scouted ahead and it looks like the coast is clear for now. With anyluck, Cheryl's holed up with them and we can start back home.

Here lies Henry. Muties saw him going for water in the street; there was nothing we could do to help him. If anybody else has to come looking for us, we'll leave word with the Rangers.

Search party log #2

Bad news. Rangers haven't seen Cheryl and got troubles of their own. Muties been snatching people left and right. Reilly's men are going to keep an eye out round here. They suggested we head to the western ruins, across the river and search there, so I guess that's what we'll do. Damn it, sis, why didn't you just wait for us?

Search party log #3

Grave with party log #3, just north of east end of Key Bridge

Has to be a month gone since we were in the Citadel. Tracking Mutants in the city is no easy job. Helps to have Mentats keep everyone focused, but we still have to be careful. These green bastards seem to be on the move. You never hear 'em talk about it, but they are looking for something. And people. Anyone they can get their hands on.

Tracking Muties through the city isn't the hard part. They're good with metal, always ripping up junkers and building crap out of the bits. Just follow their freak sculpture shows. Hard part is staying hidden. Emmet took a bad cut in the leg from one of the spikes. Took two shirts to stop the bleeding. I hope these freaks can't smell blood. We're headed towards the Citadel, maybe they'll help us patch him up.

Relief to be outside the city for a day. We'll use the bridge and cross over to check beyond the ruins on the west side. We can't hold out down here much longer. I can't just give up on Cheryl, but I might not end up having a choice. Emmet's in bad shape. We'll wait to cross the bridge until tomorrow.

R.I.P. Emmet. Poor kid left Canterbury so fresh, I didn't want him along, but he really came into his own these past two weeks. He'd died in the night. No point in bothering with those pricks at the Citadel now. We head into the city tomorrow.

Search party log #4

Grave with #4, northwest of sewer waystation

Found something. Muties have a bunch of folks trussed up in a park nearby. Going to hole up and see what happens. Too risky to check for Cheryl until we know more.

Kaya crept down and checked tonight. Cheryl's not there and most of the people are dead, or close to it. Still, going to keep an eye on them from here a little longer.

Bastards are cleverer than they look. They stake people up, attracts attention. Saw a couple mercs get snatched investigating. One didn't put up much fight, they took him alive. May be hope to find Cheryl yet.

Stakes aren't just to attract people. Big 'ol mother came by today, yanked a stiff from one of those spikes and gnawed every scrap of meat off the bones. Looks like they were waiting for the biggun to pack up. They're on the move. I've got a feeling they'll take these folks the same place they must have taken sis.

Close call today, damn fool brotherhood scout nearly exposed us. Muties got him. Poor kid never had a chance. Finally clear of the city. Kaya refused to go any further, left for Canterbury. The mutants are headed west, and I still aim to find where they're taking these people. Going to be harder to stay concealed out there in the open, but at least I don't have to worry about ghouls crawling up my ass all night.

Behind the scenes

The notes were written by Joel Burgess, lead level designer of Fallout 3.[1]