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Search and Destroy is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Far Harbor Side Quest: Search and Destroy
Speak with Knight Captain Larsen
Eliminate all the synths in Acadia
Check in with Knight Captain Larsen
Reward: None

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest doesn't really offer any advantages, and results in the deaths of everyone in Acadia.

After speaking with DiMA at Acadia one has the option of beginning this quest by traveling to the Prydwen in the Commonwealth and speaking with Lancer Captain Kells. Kells says that the Brotherhood, after some time, has decided to deal with Acadia, and they have sent Knight-Captain Larsen with a small team of soldiers to help wipe out DiMA's community.

Return to Acadia and watch Larsen and his team wipe out the synths (or lend a hand).

If one has not yet completed the main Far Harbor quest line, they will now be unable to do so, and there will be no peace between the residents of Far Harbor and the Children of Atom.

Quest stages[edit | edit source]

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Speak with Knight-Captain LarsenAfter informing the Brotherhood of Steel about the existence of Acadia, a Vertibird was dispatched to the island to deal with the situation. The time has come to attack; I need to let the soldiers know.
200 Eliminate the synths in AcadiaAfter informing the Brotherhood of Steel about the existence of Acadia, a Vertibird was dispatched to the island to deal with the situation. The time has come to attack; once I reach Acadia the soldiers will join me in eliminating every last synth there.
400 Speak with Knight-Captain LarsenThe Brotherhood of Steel soldiers sent to the island have destroyed all of the synths in Acadia. I should check in with Knight-Captain Larsen.
500Quest finishedQuest CompletedAfter learning of the existence of Acadia, the Brotherhood of Steel has successfully wiped out all of the rogue synths. They no longer pose a threat to anyone.
1000Quest failedQuest Failed

Notes[edit | edit source]

The option to fast travel to Acadia will be disabled once the quest has started, and Knight-Captain Larsen and his squad will walk from their temporary post to Acadia. The player character can fast travel to another point close by, such as wind farm maintenance, and eliminate the residents of Acadia. After this, Larsen's squad may still be marching toward Acadia and the player character will be required to either wait or seek them out to turn in the quest. Once completed, fast travel to Acadia will be possible again.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Search and destroy is a military strategy that was most famously used during the Malayan Emergency and the Vietnam War. In a search and destroy mission, forces will search out the enemy, destroy them and then immediately withdraw.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

PCIcon pc.png Playstation 4Icon ps4.png If one has completed Close to Home before starting this quest Kasumi Nakano may be seen walking away from Acadia as the player character goes to begin eliminating the synths. Kasumi will be marked as one of Acadia's synths but she is impossible to kill. This can be circumvented by waiting until she has left Far Harbor to begin the attack on Acadia. [verified]

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