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I swear, that sort of stuff pisses me off so much. I thought joining would be all about drugs and magic, but it's just the same crap as everywhere else. Guess that's why I trailed Jackson to his stupid mystery cave!Nadine

The sea cave is a location in Point Lookout, entered through the wrecked seatub or the well outside the Ark & Dove cathedral. Tribal leader Jackson uses the cave to communicate with a hologram of Professor Calvert.


The cave consists of a series of passages leading to a main chamber, where Jackson communicates with Professor Calvert. The sea cave is inhabited by swamplurks, mirelurk hunters, and swamplurk queens. Additionally, a lone unnamed friendly tribal wanders the cave and will follow the Lone Wanderer around if he spots them. However, the tribal will often be killed by mirelurks before being encountered.

Notable loot

  • The sea cave contains the largest amount of pre-War money in one location in Fallout 3 at 39 stacks; 14 are found in a half-sunken rowboat, and 25 are found in and around a chest with a mattress.
  • 11 Confederate hats can be found on the floor of the grotto where Jackson is found.

Related quests


  • In the final room, one may occasionally hear splashing of items dropping into the water pool; this is due to the final room being based below the graveyard, and every so often, a skeleton will fall from the roof of the cave.
  • After exiting the cave through the ladder a group of ghouls, which includes a glowing one will be encountered nearby.
  • When the player first enters the cave there is a friendly NPC marker directly behind them. Using console commands it is possible to clip through the wall and find an invisible NPC named "The Brain."


The sea cave appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.