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You find more ammunition in containers.— Rank 1 description

Scrounger is a perk in Fallout 4.


Allows certain types of ammunition to be found as loot in random containers (i.e. cabinets, desks, metal cabinets, etc.). It works similar to the Fortune Finder perk. If both Scrounger and the Fortune Finder perk are obtained, you will find both ammunition and caps in the same containers.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 LCK 2 You find more ammunition in containers. (40% chance) 0004A0B0
2 LCK 2, LVL 7 You find even more ammunition in containers. (70% chance) 001ACF9A
3 LCK 2, LVL 24 You find even more ammunition in containers. (100% chance) 001ACF9B
4* LCK 2, LVL 37 There is a 5% chance (+Luck) to gain ammo when firing the last round in your clip. 001EB99C

* The Rank 4 description is misleading: it gives a chance to add a free magazine or fusion core, when you fully empty the gun, not "more ammo".

Affected ammunition

This perk only affects the following ammunition types in the LLE_Perk_Scrounger* level lists. Any ammunition type not listed here is unaffected by this perk:


  • This version of the perk also applies to enemies as well as containers (unlike in previous games).
  • As Fallout 4 does not have the ability to create ammunition without DLC and factories, this perk can be very helpful in obtaining ammunition without having to purchase it.