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The Brotherhood scribe robe is a clothing item worn by Brotherhood of Steel and Brotherhood Outcast scribes in Fallout 3.


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A set of heavy-duty work clothes designed by the Brotherhood of Steel, the robes consist of a durable, double-layered overcoat that protects against environmental hazards and workplace accidents. Leather arm protectors further reduce the risk of injury, as do the heavy boots. A thick leather utility belt is worn for convenience. The robes are typically colored red, although different colors have been used; for example, the Outcasts use solid black with red accents on the utility belt.


Brotherhood scribe robe

Brotherhood scribe robes are worn by Brotherhood of Steel scribes and are primarily found in the Citadel. Named scribes wearing it are Rothchild, Yearling, Bowditch, Peabody, Elizabeth Jameson, Bigsley and Vallincourt.

One can be acquired by either killing and looting a scribe or by reverse-pickpocketing better armor onto one of them, then pickpocketing the outfit when they automatically switch to wearing the better armor.

In the add-on Broken Steel, it can be retrieved by waiting for the scribe at Project Purity near the bridge to die from the Enclave attacks.

Outcast scribe robe

The Outcast scribe robe is black instead of red, and only one copy exists. The only article is worn by Specialist Olin at the Outcast outpost in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage. One can receive it after completing Operation: Anchorage if she is not saved during the Outcast mutiny or one can reverse-pickpocket to obtain it.



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