Scribe Jameson's report to Elder Lyons is a paper note in Fallout 3.


It can be obtained from Scribe Jameson in the Citadel when starting the unmarked quest Collecting Holotags.



From: Scribe Elizabeth Jameson
To: Elder Lyons


I have read the recent reports on the number of Paladins and Knights that have not reported in when expected. I understand the chaotic nature of the situation in the field, but tradition demands that each Brother who falls in battle have their death recorded in the Scrolls. To not put forward our best effort to recover proof of who has fallen and who has lived is unthinkable.

I understand that every Brother is needed for the efforts here at the Citadel and in the city nearby. To that end, I intend to contract with outsiders in order to recover proof of which of our brethren have fallen to the enemy. I will ask that they recover dog tags from any fallen brother that theIcon sic find. It is the least we can do without the resources for a full and honorable funeral for them.

You needn't worry about providing rewards for these contractors. I will pay them from my personal funds. It is well worth it to me to be able to both keep the tradition and not stress the resources for your mission.

Yours In Steel,

Scribe Elizabeth Jameson
Head Librarian
Order of the Quill
DC Bunker

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