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This is a transcript for dialogue with Reginald Rothchild.


BoSHowLongBeenHere How long have you been here? Neutral 50 We arrived here in '55. Established ourselves in the Citadel within the first few months. The Elder has kept us busy since then. 1
BoSIntro I'd like to know more about the Brotherhood of Steel. Neutral 50 I'm afraid you're asking the wrong person. 2
I'd like to know more about the Brotherhood of Steel. Neutral 50 What do you want to know? 3
BoSRothChildWhySoreSubject Why is that a sore subject? Neutral 50 Much has happened in the 23 years since we left the west coast. Our mission has changed in that time. 4
Neutral 50 The changes have not all been pleasant, and have had significant repercussions. 5
BoSRothchildCommunicationHard It must be difficult to communicate with the West Coast. Neutral 50 Indeed it is. Especially when they refuse any attempts at communication. {wry} 6
BoSRothchildSorryNevermind Sorry. Never mind. Neutral 50 No need to apologize. 7
BoSRothchildSorrytoBringItUp Sorry to have brought it up. Neutral 50 You are an outsider. You had no way of knowing. 8
BoSRothchildTellMeAnyway I'd like to hear what you have to say anyway. Neutral 50 If you insist. What do you want to know? 9
BoSRothchildWhatKindofChanges What kind of changes? Neutral 50 We were dispatched with a specific mission. We were sent to locate and secure any technology remaining from before the war. 10
Neutral 50 Like our robotic monstrosity. That was our greatest find. Damn thing still doesn't work, but at least it's ours. 11
Neutral 50 But those damned Super Mutants... They changed things. Lyons changed. 12
Neutral 50 He decided they were a threat. Not just to us, but to everyone. And so he altered the mission. 13
Neutral 50 Finding the source of the mutants and putting a stop to them was his goal. Our original mission became an afterthought. We've failed both. 14
BoSRothchildWhyWrongPerson Why are you the wrong person to ask? Neutral 50 Predominantly because the Elder won't like some of what I have to say. {wry} 15
Neutral 50 But fine, I'll discuss it. What do you want to know? 16
BoSWhyHere Why are you here in the Capital Wasteland? Neutral 50 Well, that all depends on who you ask. {wry} 17
Neutral 50 Lyons will tell you it's because we're protecting the poor, innocent people of the Capital Wasteland. 18
Neutral 50 Most others here will tell you the same thing. They'll do anything for that man. 19
BosBailOut That's all I wanted to know. Neutral 50 Was there something else, then? 20
If you're just a part of the Brotherhood, where's the rest of it?
You seem to have a pretty small organization. Neutral 50 The Brotherhood of Steel is bigger than what you see here. We're only a small... division, you could say. {wry} 21
Neutral 50 But that's a bit of a sore subject around here. 22
BosRothChildWhereRestofBoS Then where's the rest of the Brotherhood? Neutral 50 The West Coast, unless something has changed. 23
Neutral 50 There's been no contact with them for the last several years. 24
Neutral 50 There's also a small detachment in Chicago, but they're off the radar. Gone rogue. Long story. 25
BosRothchildChangesSoundGood Those sound like pretty good changes to me. Neutral 50 You're an outsider. I don't expect you to understand. 26
Neutral 50 We live and die by our dedication to the Brotherhood. To go against orders... 27
Neutral 50 It's not something that's done. I appreciate that Lyons believes he is doing what is right, but he should never have disobeyed orders. 28
Neutral 50 And now look where it's gotten us. Forces dwindled, Super Mutants on one side, Enclave on the other. We can barely take care of ourselves. 29
BosRothchildCommunicationWhatHappened Why, what happened? Neutral 50 Lines of communication were severed years ago. The Western Elders have washed their hands of us. 30
BosRothchildLyonsDecision He's in charge, so it's his decision, right? Neutral 50 He's in charge of this detachment, yes. He's not in charge of the Brotherhood. 31
Neutral 50 As loyal as I am to the man, I can't overlook the fact that he disobeyed orders, and it cost us. 32
Neutral 50 The West Coast cut us off completely, once they saw what was going on. So now we're on our own. No communications, no reinforcements. 33
Disgust 50 We can't even beat the Super Mutants, and now we're expected to defend against the Enclave? Alone? The situation is... less than ideal. 34
BosRothchildSoundLikeBadThing You make saving people sound like a bad thing. Neutral 50 It wasn't why we were sent here. Good or bad has nothing to do with it. 35
Neutral 50 Lyons knew that, but ignored it. He decided it was more important to save the people here than to obey orders from his superiors. 36
Neutral 50 For years he'd try and persuade them to send reinforcements and supplies, all the while stringing them along, saying he was sticking to the mission. 37
Neutral 50 Finally, things came to a head. Lyons directly refused orders, and so the West Coast cut us off. No communications, no reinforcements. 38
BosRothchildWhatRepercussions What do you mean by "repercussions"? Neutral 50 Some did not approve of the Elder's decisions. Initially, they followed because we are all taught to follow the Elders. 39
BosRothchildWhyAskingYou Well, I'm asking you. Why are you here? Neutral 50 I'm here for two reasons. One, Lyons needs me. He always has, just as much as I need him. We've been through a lot together, he and I. 40
Neutral 50 Two... Take a look around you. Access to this kind of technology, and the benefits it could provide to the Brotherhood, is immeasurable. 41
BosRothchildWhyNotEveryoneAgrees But not everyone agrees? Neutral 50 No, not everyone. But for a variety of reasons, those who disagree are no longer with us. 42
CitScribeAboutEND That's all I needed. Neutral 50 Very well. 43
That's all I needed. Neutral 50 Certainly. 44
That's all I needed. Neutral 50 Let me know if you need something else. 45
DLC03BS1RothGreetA I've learned a little bit, but was hoping you could tell me more. Neutral 50 Yes, I believe I can. Step over here for a moment, will you? 46
DLC03BS1RothGreetB He said you'd give me the details. Neutral 50 Well, Owyn does have quite a bit on his mind lately, as I'm sure you can imagine. 47
Neutral 50 This is the first time the actions of the Brotherhood have affected him in such a... personal manner. 48
Neutral 50 Please, step over here. I'll bring you up to speed. 49
DLC03BS1RothGreetC All I know is that you need my help. Again. Neutral 50 It would seem that way, yes. 50
Neutral 50 If you would, please step over to the map. I'll give you a brief update on what you've missed. 51
DLC03BS1RothchildGreetA I'm sorry about the robot. There wasn't anything anyone could've done. Neutral 50 Perhaps not, but that doesn't change the fact that it sets us back years... YEARS... 52
Neutral 50 ...and it removes the one significant military advantage we had over the Enclave. 53
DLC03BS1RothchildGreetB It could've been worse. They could have attacked the Citadel. Neutral 50 Well, there's certainly nothing stopping them from doing that now, is there? 54
Neutral 50 And with our primary defense gone, I don't know what we can do to stop them. I need more to work with. 55
DLC03BS1RothchildGreetC Hopefully I found something that can help you. Neutral 50 I don't know what could help at this point. If anything, we should be thankful they waited this long to use... whatever they used. 56
Neutral 50 Nonetheless, we should try and move on. What is it you have for me? 57
DLC03BS1RothchildHaveDataA I found some encrypted data at the relay station. Neutral 50 Ah, yes. Well, I'll see if we can't figure out how to read it. Perhaps it can give us some insight as to just what happened out there. 58
Neutral 50 It would be good to salvage something from this mess. 59
Neutral 50 Thank you for bringing this to me. I believe Elder Lyons will want to speak with you as well. Perhaps you should find him. 60
Neutral 50 If you'll excuse me... 61
DLC03BS1RothchildHaveDataB I'm not sure what I found. Some kind of data... Maybe you can figure it out. Neutral 50 Yes, well... We'll do our best. It won't be the first time we've had to crack one of their codes. 62
Neutral 50 With any luck, their lack of leadership has made them a bit sloppy and they're re-using old decryption methods we've already cracked. 63
Neutral 50 I'll get the Scribes started on this right away. In the meantime, you should find Elder Lyons. I believe he wants to see you. 64
DLC03BS1RothchildHaveDataC Maybe you can focus on analyzing this data instead of crying about your robot. Neutral 50 Well, I... {offended} 65
Neutral 50 You're right. There's no time to focus on what's passed. With Liberty Prime gone, the Enclave will be quick to seize the opportunity to regroup. 66
Neutral 50 I'll get the Scribes working on this right away. You should report to Elder Lyons. See if there's some way we can salvage this mess of an operation. 67
DLC03BS1TLRothchildPrime How is Liberty Prime holding up? Neutral 50 Performance is exceeding all our expectations. 68
Neutral 50 He's been especially effective against the Enclave's Vertibirds, for which we previously had no counter. 69
Neutral 50 We're fine-tuning his programming as we go, but on the whole I'm pleasantly surprised. 70
Neutral 50 It's as I always suspected. Prime's real issue was energy management, and when Doctor Li helped us solve that problem, well, the rest was easy. 71
DLC03PQTLBoSJob Is there anything else I can do to help the Brotherhood? Happy 80 Yes, yes please. Your help would be most welcome. 72
Disgust 90 As you know, my main task is the reconstruction of Liberty Prime. A daunting task indeed, given his current state. 73
Neutral 50 To get him back on his feet will take not only a good deal of scavenged parts, but I need some special items for his complex systems. 74
Neutral 50 In your travels, be on the lookout for sensor modules. That will help me with restoring his electrical components. 75
Neutral 50 But what I need most are old cameras. Prime's optics were completely destroyed in the explosion and I can use the components inside to replace them. 76
Is there anything else I can do to help the Brotherhood? Neutral 50 Remember, I'm looking for sensor modules and cameras. Bring them back here if you discover any. 77
DLC03PQTLBrotherhood So, what happens to the Brotherhood now? Neutral 50 I've been amazingly busy ever since we began clashing with the Enclave. All their technology is amazing. 78
Neutral 50 It's going to take me years to sift through the wreckage of their mobile platform alone. 79
Neutral 50 I suppose we have you to thank for that. 80
DLC03PQTLCamera I have Cameras for you, Scribe Rothchild. Happy 80 Good, good. Please keep bringing them to me... it's my only hope of getting Prime's optics rebuilt. 81
I have Cameras for you, Scribe Rothchild. Happy 80 Oh, splendid! Hopefully these will contain unbroken lenses unlike the last few I've acquired. 82
I have Cameras for you, Scribe Rothchild. Happy 80 Excellent! I'll begin disassembling them immediately. Good work! 83
DLC03PQTLEnclave So, have we totally wiped out the Enclave? Neutral 50 From the amount of equipment pouring in, I'd say if we didn't destroy them, we certainly threw a major wrench into their works. 84
DLC03PQTLPrime How's the reconstruction of Liberty Prime going? Pained 90 We have so much to do putting him back together again. I'm uncertain as to how long it might take. Months? Years? 85
Neutral 50 The only bright side in this is an opportunity to try and rebuild Prime from the ground up; make improvements on his original design. 86
Sad 70 If only we hadn't exhausted so many of our supplies fighting the Enclave... 87
DLC03PQTLSensor I found some Sensor Modules for you. Neutral 50 Ah, very nice. I'll have my assembling team get right on it. 88
I found some Sensor Modules for you. Neutral 50 We'll need a lot more where this came from to reconstruct Prime's electrical systems. Keep bringing more. 89
I found some Sensor Modules for you. Neutral 50 It's but a drop in the bucket, but it'll have to do. Thanks. 90
DLC03TLPurifier What's going on with the purifier? Neutral 50 It was determined that the Brotherhood should directly oversee the purifier, so as to prevent any mishaps. 91
Neutral 50 Scribe Bigsley was placed in charge of the operation, and is directly overseeing our efforts. 92
DLC03TransitionTopic DLC03TransitionTopic Neutral 50 Owyn, why do you keep torturing yourself? Coming down here isn't going to help at all. We have enough to deal with already. 93
FFPAWho Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor? Neutral 50 Hmph. Typical. Surrounded by the keenest scientific minds in the Capital Wasteland, but do you thirst for our knowledge, our experience? No. 94
Neutral 50 All you Wastelanders want to do is put on that damn Power Armor and join the ranks of the skull-thumping tin soldiers. 95
Neutral 50 So be it. Talk to Elder Lyons I’m sure he’ll grant permission for the training, which our gunnery sergeant can provide. 96
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I'm sure you'll understand that there's far too much to be done right now. I've no time for chatting. 97
GREETING Neutral 50 Please, not now. {kind, but dismissive} 98
GREETING Neutral 50 Follow me. I'll show you what I can about Vault 87. 99
GREETING Neutral 50 This map shows the locations of all known Vaults in the local area. Vault 87 has been highlighted for you, there. 100
Neutral 50 Entrance to Vault 87 will be particularly difficult for you, I'm afraid. 101
GREETING Neutral 50 Did you have any success with that old terminal? 102
GREETING Neutral 50 Ah, you're back. You need something else now? {mildly annoyed} 103
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? Is there something I can help you with? {mildly annoyed} 104
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm afraid I have other duties to attend to right now. If you find the computer to be helpful, there may be more I can offer. 105
GREETING Neutral 50 May I start by saying that I am sorry for your loss. I was acquainted with your father, many years ago. {sympathetic} 106
Neutral 50 The world has lost one of its few remaining visionaries. 107
GREETING Neutral 50 Please, speak with Elder Lyons. I have enough to deal with right now. 108
GREETING Neutral 50 I just... I can't believe it. All those years of work. All of it, for what? One botched operation? 109
Neutral 50 I'm still waiting on the debriefing from Tristan, but I'm not sure it even matters. With Prime gone... 110
GREETING Neutral 50 Right in front of the map, if you please. I'd like you to get a good look at it. 111
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, it's good to see that you're on your feet again. 112
Neutral 50 I assume Lyons is immediately throwing you to the wolves? 113
Neutral 50 Has he told you what's been going on while you've been resting? 114
GREETING Neutral 50 If there's anything else you'd like to know, I'll tell you what I can. Otherwise, Paladin Tristan will be waiting. 115
Neutral 50 I'll alert him that you're on your way. 116
GREETING Happy 70 Well, I suppose we have you to thank for the sudden influx of equipment pouring in from the ruins you left behind at Adams Air Force Base. 117
Neutral 50 These items will help keep us one step ahead of our enemies in the Wasteland and hopefully start my reconstruction effort. 118
Disgust 90 Mark my words, Prime will walk again. It may take months or even years, but we'll get him back together. 119
Neutral 50 If you're inclined to help us with that effort, just let me know. 120
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? I'm quite busy, so please be brief. 121
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? Can I help you? I'm very busy. 122
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes, what is it? 123
GREETING Neutral 50 How can I help you? Be quick about it. 124
MQ06RothChildCutTheShit Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Are you going to help or not? Disgust 10 Taking the loss in stride, are we? {mildly annoyed} 125
Neutral 50 It would seem the Brotherhood has more pressing matters to attend to than a twenty year old, defunct project. 126
Neutral 50 Out of respect for your father, however, I will offer advice. What exactly do you need? 127
MQ06RothChildThanksForSympathy Thanks for your sympathy. Neutral 50 Think nothing of it. 128
Neutral 50 Now, Doctor Li has explained your predicament. You need to locate some Vault-Tec equipment? 129
MQ06RothThanksForHelp Thanks for your help. Neutral 50 I wish we could do more, but the Brotherhood potentially faces a very pressing, very real threat in the Enclave. 130
Neutral 50 All of my efforts must now be devoted to assessing the threat they may pose to us. I'm sure you understand. 131
MQ06RothThanksForNothing Great. Thanks for nothing. Neutral 50 I find it hard to believe your father raised such a child. 132
Neutral 50 I feel pity for whatever it is you've gone through that has made you so bitter. 133
MQ06RothVaultICanHandleIt I can handle it. Neutral 50 Can you now, without even knowing what the problem is? 134
Neutral 50 I suppose, then, you have a way to deal with lethal levels of radiation around the Vault? 135
MQ06RothchildAboutDamnTime It's about damn time. Disgust 50 Indeed. Farewell. {annoyed, dismissive.} 136
MQ06RothchildAnotherWay There's got to be another way. Neutral 50 You share your father's determination, it seems. And in this case, you are correct. There may well be another way. {bemused} 137
Neutral 50 Vault 87 is located very close to the site of Lamplight Caverns. It is entirely probable that the Vault may be entered from within the caves. 138
MQ06RothchildCaveDontKnow Don't you know? Neutral 50 No, I'm afraid not. After initial attempts to cross the radiation failed, it was decided to focus our efforts elsewhere. 139
Neutral 50 You, however, are free to do as you choose. More exploration may be useful. And I'll certainly be interested in anything you might find. 140
MQ06RothchildCaveTimetoFindOut Well, I guess it's time to find out. I'll go there myself. Neutral 50 The Brotherhood simply cannot spare the resources necessary to investigate the area. Perhaps you may be more successful. 141
Neutral 50 If you do find anything, please return here so that we may decide on how best to proceed. 142
MQ06RothchildCaveVault So there's a Vault down there, and you've never bothered investigating it? Neutral 50 Attempts were made, but our resources are stretched thin. The radiation proved fatal, and so our efforts were focused elsewhere. 143
Neutral 50 Perhaps you will have more success. 144
MQ06RothchildGettothePoint I'm running short on time, here. Let's cut to the chase. Neutral 50 Yes, well... I am afraid that with the emergence of the Enclave, the Brotherhood is rather busy right now. 145
Neutral 50 I elected to take time from my responsibilities to assist you. Perhaps I was in error. Nonetheless, we may have what you seek. 146
Neutral 50 In the archives upstairs is an old, pre-war Vault-Tec terminal. I will send word that you need access to it. 147
MQ06RothchildHowKnowFather How did you know my father? Neutral 50 I have been a part of the Brotherhood for many years. Enough that I was here when Project Purity first began. 148
Neutral 50 I did not work directly with your father; he and his team valued their independence, and I respected that. 149
MQ06RothchildNeedAGeck I need to find a G.E.C.K. Neutral 50 Are you quite sure? I suspect that would be a waste of time. Regardless, the Brotherhood is not in possession of such a device. 150
Neutral 50 There is, however, a way in which we may be able to ascertain the location of one. 151
I need to find a G.E.C.K. Neutral 50 Really. A pity... You won't find one here. 152
Neutral 50 It may be possible to locate one, however. 153
MQ06RothchildNeedVault87 I need to find Vault 87 right now. Disgust 50 I take it you were successful, then. {mildly annoyed} 154
Neutral 50 As it happens, the Brotherhood has some information about Vault 87. Let me show you what we know. 155
I need to find Vault 87 right now. Disgust 50 I see. {mildly annoyed} 156
Neutral 50 As it happens, the Brotherhood has some information about Vault 87. Let me show you what we know. 157
MQ06RothchildNeedVault87Nice Vault 87 has a G.E.C.K., but I don't know where it is. Neutral 50 Ah. Well, that much I believe I can help with. 158
Neutral 50 Step over here for a moment. I'll show you where it is. 159
MQ06RothchildNeedaGECKNice My father was looking for something called a G.E.C.K. Do you have one? Neutral 50 A G.E.C.K.? Goodness, no. Certainly not. 160
Neutral 50 I must say that there are some who doubt such a device really exists, let alone works. 161
Neutral 50 If, however, you share your father's determination, I may be able to assist you in locating one. 162
MQ06RothchildNeedaGECKRude Geez, don't strain yourself on my account... I just need a G.E.C.K. Neutral 50 I fail to see how such a device would be useful to you. In fact, I doubt such a thing really works. 163
Neutral 50 Either way, the Brotherhood is not in possession of such a device. 164
Neutral 50 If you are determined to waste your time, you may go off in search of one. 165
MQ06RothchildSoImScrewed So that's it? I'm screwed? Sad 50 So quick to give up... Disappointing. 166
Neutral 50 There is, in fact, another potential way to reach the Vault. Lamplight Caverns is close by, and may provide an alternate means of access. 167
MQ06RothchildSoYouCanFindOne So you know how to find one? Neutral 50 Possibly. I'm afraid I won't be able to assist you directly; the news Doctor Li has brought will require me to be elsewhere. 168
Neutral 50 I can, however, give you access to an old pre-war computer from Vault-Tec. It may have the information you need. 169
Neutral 50 You'll find the terminal in the archives in the A ring. 170
MQ06RothchildTLReview Where was Vault 87 again? Neutral 50 Check the map in the lab for reference, if you like. The Vault is to the west of the city, far out in the Capital Wasteland. 171
Neutral 50 Remember that you won't be able to just walk in, due to the radiation. You'll have to try and find another way to access the vault. 172
Neutral 50 I expect that Lamplight Caverns is your best chance for success. 173
MQ06RothchildThanks Thanks for the help. Neutral 50 You are welcome. If you require further assistance, I may be able to help. 174
MQ06RothchildVaultGetThroughRadiation How do I get through the radiation? Neutral 50 Quite simply, you don't. To attempt such a thing would be certain death for you. 175
MQ06RothchildWhatever Fine, whatever. Let's get to it. Neutral 50 I find your attitude and lack of respect insulting. 176
Mq06RothVaultWhyDifficult Why, what's difficult about it? Neutral 50 The area is highly irradiated; lethal levels are all around the entrance. Gaining direct access will be quite impossible. 177
TLCitadelSuperMutant Care to share anything about the Super Mutants? Disgust 50 Not really, no. 178
TLRobot Are you in charge of the um... the robot? Neutral 50 I am, and have been since we first found him, well over twenty years ago. 179
Neutral 50 "Liberty Prime" is the designation we found on file for him. Magnificent, don't you think? At least he will be, once all systems are operational. 180
Pained 20 It's the energy consumption. Something that big, with such advanced weapons systems... we just don't have the means to power him. Not yet. 181
TLRobotRothchild Who built Liberty Prime? Or better yet... why? Neutral 50 He was developed as a super weapon, back in the days before the war. The first joint operation between RobCo and General Atomics International. 182
Neutral 50 Apparently, he was meant to help liberate Alaska from the Chinese, but was never completed. They were forced to go in without him. 183
Neutral 50 They won, but suffered heavy losses. If we can get him up and running, well... I think you get the idea. 184
Could you repair my equipment?
Do you think you could repair my equipment? Anger 50 Could I? Yes. Will I? No. Go see Peabody or Bowditch. 185


CitTalkRothchildElderLyons1 CitTalkRothchildElderLyons1 Disgust 20 What is it, Owyn? This robot isn't going to fix itself. 186
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons1 Anger 20 Hmm? Yes, yes. What is it? Robot to fix, and all that. 187
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons3 CitTalkRothchildElderLyons3 Neutral 50 We've been over this. A slight modification to one system... and all the subroutines go haywire. Don't worry. I'm on it. 188
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons3 Neutral 50 Yesss... And I told you that in order to compensate for last Thursday's... mishap... there would be some complications. I'm dealing with it. 189
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons5 CitTalkRothchildElderLyons5 Neutral 50 All right, all right. I'll see what what I can do. 190
CitTalkRothchildElderLyons5 Neutral 50 Oh, very well. Now please... giant robot to fix? Hmm? 191
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Now, did you have any other questions? 192
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 The team will move in, eliminate any opposition inside, and cut off their transmitter. Any relevant data should be brought back here. 193
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Prime's directive is to neutralize their defenses and create an entry point for the team. 194
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Paladin Tristan is leading the team setting up a forward base in an old car tunnel near the site. Once he's settled, Liberty Prime will be deployed. 195
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Our advance scouts have checked over the area, but no easy access to the facility was found. So we're making our own access point. 196
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 We isolated the transmissions and found their origin point; an old military installation in Rockland, to the southwest. 197
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Based on data and tech gathered from these locations, we've determined that the Enclave forces are still maintaining remote communications. 198
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Cut off from their leadership, it was expected that their forces would be in complete disarray. This has not been the case. 199
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Based on a combination of intelligence and field reports, other Enclave locations throughout the Wasteland were found. 200
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 After their defeat at the purifier, Liberty Prime was deployed to their main headquarters, here. It has been completely destroyed. 201
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 Thanks to you, their main headquarters, here, was utterly destroyed. They then suffered a second defeat at the purifier. 202
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 As you well know, this all began with the Enclave's occupation of Project Purity, here. 203
DLC03BS1RothchildMapLines Neutral 50 I'll give you a brief history of what's happened over the last few weeks, and what's going on now. 204
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Goodbye. Please come back if you find anything interesting. 205
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Don't hurry back. 206
I have to go now. Neutral 50 And so you go. 207
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 It's good to see you again. 208
HELLO Neutral 50 I have need of you. Speak to me when you have a moment. 209
HELLO Neutral 50 Ah, it's you. I hope you've brought something useful. 210
HELLO Neutral 50 You're back? Did you find anything of use to us? 211
HELLO Neutral 50 Outsiders in the Citadel. Such a pleasure... {sarcastic} 212
MQ09ElderSarahConv MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 I agree. Without the G.E.C.K., the purifier is useless to the Enclave anyway. They may give up before long. 213
MQ11ElderSarahConv MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 Honestly? I don't know. I think we can scrape by, and I suppose if we can't it won't matter in the long run anyway. 214
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 It's not ready for field tests, let alone live fire situations. The weapons haven't been calibrated, the navigation detection system is offline... 215
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 What? No! I mean, Li and I have solved the power problems, but we've only barely finished diagnostic tests. 216