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The scrapyard office is part of the Scrapyard in 2277.


The office is used by Littlehorn & Associates as the office for contract killers. The Lone Wanderer gets their business here if they have the Contract Killer perk.

At the main desk is Daniel Littlehorn, who issues the contracts. After taking the Contract Killer perk and speaking with Daniel Littlehorn one will be able to take an ear off the corpses of "good" characters and ghouls throughout the wasteland. After one takes the ear they can exchange it here for a small amount of caps and bad Karma.

Notable loot


  • If one is in combat when entering the office, Daniel and the other associates will flee outside.
  • It is not possible to get into the office unless one has the Contract Killer perk.
  • There are four secretaries working inside this building.


The scrapyard office appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

A painting by William Bouguereau depicting Dante and Virgil in Hell is shown prominently hanging above Daniel Littlehorn's desk.


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