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Waste not, want not! You can salvage uncommon components like screws, aluminum, and copper when scrapping weapons and armor.— Rank 1 description

Scrapper is a perk in Fallout 4.


Rare crafting materials generated when scrapping weapons and armor.


Rank Requirements Description Form ID
1 INT 5 Waste not, want not! You can salvage uncommon components like screws, aluminum, and copper when scrapping weapons and armor. 00065E65
2 INT 5, LVL 23 You can salvage rare components like circuitry, nuclear material, and fiber optics when scrapping weapons and armor. Items with favorited components are highlighted 001D2483
3 INT 5, LVL 40 Far Harbor (add-on) You get more from salvaging. xx0423A5


  • Despite the perk description only mentioning weapons and armor, it also allows additional materials to be salvaged from scrapped settlement objects. For instance, a baseball player statue that requires 10 copper to build normally yields nothing when scrapped, but having rank 1 of this perk allows the player to salvage 2 copper from it, and having rank 3 increases the yield to 5 copper.
  • Rank 3 doubles the amount of uncommon materials recovered (aluminum, copper, cork, fiberglass, gears, glass, lead, screw, spring).
  • Modified weapons will produce additional components
  • Certain mods and prefixes indicate whether some components may be scrapped from them, while other components are linked to the base weapon. For instance, weapons with the "muzzled" or "silenced" prefix will nearly always yield aluminum (though the quantity depends on the base weapon), while wood and copper are tied to the base weapon (double barrel and combat shotguns and hunting rifles in the case of wood, and pipe weapons for copper), with the modifications determining the quantity. Unlike other resources, wood is often present with less technical mods, with the "short" versions often providing the most.
  • The same applies to armor, but the effect is less dramatic (significantly less-common modifications are needed to extract the more uncommon/rare components).
  • The highlighting effect from rank 2 applies to junk and containers containing junk with components that have been marked for search only, not to weapons and armor.
  • Wood, steel, rubber, cloth, Bone, plastic, leather and concrete can be recovered without this perk. Spring, screw, lead, glass, gears, fiberglass, cork, copper and aluminum require rank 1; Silver, fiber optics, nuclear material, gold, crystal, circuitry, ballistic fiber and asbestos require rank 2. Adhesive and oil cannot be recovered; Acid, antiseptic, ceramic and fertilizer are not used in any scrappable items.
  • 1 of the item's base material and 50% of wood, steel, rubber, cloth, bone, misc. items and 25% of other materials used in item mods are recovered. [verification overdue]


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One If the second rank of the Scrapper is acquired, highlighted items can be seen through the screen of the Pip-Boy.[verified]