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The scrap palace is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


A junkyard patrolled by super mutants with the standard fare of wrecked vehicles and freight cars from trains welded together to form fortifications and rough abodes. A small shack in the area contains a weapons workbench and an Advanced lock floor safe, with a portable trailer nearby resting on its side that is inaccessible.

The main building holds little of note on the ground floor, except a tool chest, several meat bags, and a few other assorted loot storage containers. On the second floor, there is an Expert lock safe and a steamer trunk on the end near the top of the stairs. Crossing the platform to the other side with the male mannequin reveals a Novice lock wooden crate and an armor workbench.


If the Sole Survivor is allied with the Brotherhood of Steel, a vertibird patrol may raid the facility upon arrival.

Notable loot

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The scrap palace appears only in Fallout 4.


Icon pc.png Although the overturned trailer outside the main building is, in theory, inaccessible, it is relatively easy to fall in through a window on the upper side. The interior contains some 10mm ammo and a couple of mattresses, neither of which can be slept on. The only way to exit is by fast traveling elsewhere.[verification overdue]