Scouts' Life is a perk magazine in Fallout 76.


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Magazine issuesEdit

Editor ID Issue Effect Base ID
01 Purifying the Wilderness Rad ingestion -30% 00432cdc
02 Packing for the Trail +10 carry capacity 00432cdf
03 #06 Healthy Hiking: Endurance Gain 30% less hunger and thirst 00432ce2
04 #04 Hang in there! 100% longer bleedout time 00432ce5
05 Identifying Rabies and Other Diseases 80% less likely to catch diseases from creature 00432ce8
06 #09, Campfire: Special Edition C.A.M.P. movement cost -80% 00432ceb
07 The Animal Whisperer 25% less damage from animals. 00432cee
08 #02 Natural Mosquito Repellants 25% less damage from insects 00432cf1
09 Long Haul Sprinter Sprinting AP cost -20% 00432cf4
10 #10 Maintaining your Gear Item condition loss -30% 00432cf8


  • Issue #01 - Fixed spawn inside Vault 76.
  • Other issues can be randomly found througout Appalachia.


  • The issue numbers do not match the editor numbers.
  • Almost all of the issues say "September" on the cover images.


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