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Survey Appalachia for new threats and opportunities from this massive Scouting Tower! Includes a unique door. Included with the Brotherhood of Steel Digital Upgrades.— Atomic Shop description

The Brotherhood of Steel scouting tower is a C.A.M.P. object that can be constructed in Fallout 76 once purchased in the Atomic Shop.


The tower is easily seen above its surroundings, roughly four stories high, with a large interior volume separated into the main hall, the upper level, and the deck. The deck has four platforms located on the corners, and railings. The whole structure is ventilated and has three unique banners on its sides. The main door is a separate object and has a unique opening animation. A maximum of three (3) towers can be placed in any single C.A.M.P. (six in a workshop).


Steel (5)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Atomic Shop purchase Atom
Brotherhood of Steel digital upgrade
Scouting tower (1)


  • Part of the Brotherhood Recruitment Bundle sold during the release of Steel Dawn.

Behind the scenes

Visually, the bunker is a scaled-down version of third generation "Flakturme" (anti-aircraft defense towers) erected by Nazi Germany in Vienna. Specifically, its shape resembles the "Leitturm" (lead tower) with the superstructure removed, especially notable due to the round platforms on the corners, which were originally housing anti-aircraft guns.[1][2]