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This is a transcript for dialogue with Scout Leader Treadly.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Treadly_Idles 00412A8C Oh my poor, lovely, horribly mutated insectile pets. What has this radiation done to you? Bemoaning his sad fate
2 00412A8D If only I could conduct a proper field study of these oversized mutant insects...
3 00412A8E How many times did I have to tell those children that spiders are not insects? I do miss them, though.
4 00412A8F Oh! Was that a perithemis tenera specimen? It's been so long since I've caught a glimpse of an eastern amberwing.
5 00412A90 Butterfly-collecting field trips with the children, catching water-striders by the creek... ah, those were happy days. Wistful
6 00412A91 I don't understand why so many people find insects to be repulsive when they're obviously quite beautiful.
7 00412A92 I wonder if recruiting might be bolstered with some colorful posters featuring praying mantises, crickets, bees, ants... or any insect, really.
8 00412A93 I can almost hear the laughter of the small children chasing grasshoppers. Was it really so long ago?
9 00412A94 I really do wish people would stop referring to insects as pests. It's quite insensitive.
10 00412A95 Hm, perhaps one day I'll start an insect petting zoo. What Pioneer Scout wouldn't love that?
11 Treadly_Hellos_PlayerReactive 00412A76 I hope you're keeping that Pioneer Scout uniform clean and well-pressed!
12 00412A77 Take good care of that uniform, scout.
13 00412A78 Greetings! A fellow Pioneer Scout is always a welcome sight!
14 00412A79 You wear that uniform well.
15 00412A7A I feel a certainly swell of pride when I see a scout in uniform. Or rather, I would if had feelings. The second part is an aside to yourself
16 00412A7B Joined the Pioneer Scouts, have you? Well done.
17 00412A7C Ever upward, scout! Ever upward!
18 Treadly_Hellos_General 00412A7E If you're looking to avoid mosquito bites, I suggest avoiding the use of scented soaps or perfumes.
19 00412A7F Gerridae, a family of insects in the order Hemiptera, can actually walk on the surface of water. That's why we call them water-striders.
20 00412A80 If you're looking to avoid mosquito bites, I suggest avoiding the use of scented soaps or perfumes.
21 00412A81 A word of advice: If you spot a black spider with a red hourglass on its abdomen, you should take care to avoid it.
22 00412A82 The deadliest creature on Earth isn't a shark, a spider or a lion. In fact, it's the common mosquito, because of the deadly diseases it transmits.
23 00412A83 There are between six and ten million species of insects in the world. Well, that was before the war, of course. Now, who can say?
24 00412A84 We must do everything we can to ensure the ranks of the Pioneer Scouts are replenished. I hope you can help.
25 00412A85 Ever upward! That is the proud Pioneer Scout motto. I hope you find it both inspiring and uplifting. I certainly do.
26 00412A86 Here to help the Pioneer Scouts achieve our noble aims?
27 00412A87 We of the Pioneer Scouts have a proud lineage and tradition.
28 00412A88 If you meet any prospective Pioneer Scout recruits, then be sure to let them know that there's no better time to join.
29 0046C950 Used up all the insect repellent already? And of course you want more.
30 Here's the list. I'm sure you 'misplaced' the last one.
31 0046C951 A possum's work is never done. Speaking of which...
32 I need some more insect parts to make more insect repellent. Here's a list.
33 It's the same as the last list, but I know how you Pioneer Scouts like to lose things.
34 Remember, the insect parts can come from anywhere, not just where I marked your map.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
35 D01C_StingsAndThings_Intro 0045E3E1 Oh great. Another tadpole.
36 I was once the assistant to a world renowned entomologist. Now I'm a Pioneer Scout leader.
37 I bet you don't even know what an entomologist is. The last tadpole kept saying etymologist. I hit him with a dictionary.
38 Actually, my programming didn't let me. But I wanted to. Really badly.
39 Entomology is the study of bugs, not words. And there are far too many bugs around these days. And when did they get so big?
40 I've been continuing my previous primary investigator's work.
41 If you could get me some insect parts from these new species, I could fashion an insect repellent. Here's a list.
42 I've marked some places where you might find the right species, but really the parts can come from anywhere.
43 0045E3DD Have you gotten my insect samples yet?
44 0045E3DE I need those insect parts to make the repellent.
45 0045E3DC You have some insect parts, but you're missing a few. Double check the list.
46 0045E3E2 Stingwing barb, radroach meat... Where's the bloodbug proboscis?
47 Oh, there it is. You got everything I asked for.
48 I'll just whip up a batch and you're ready to go. Just drink it down and insects will find you taste just awful. Kind of like this repellent tastes.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
49 P01C_Tadpole_PossumRankTreadly 0047F153 It seems you've actually taken your duties as a Pioneer Scout seriously. Believe me when I say that's hardly the norm in my experience. Surprised, impressed and also annoyed (at all the other slackers)
50 Hopefully you were paying attention and actually learned something useful while you working on all those badges. Lecturing
51 I fear the value of a good education is lost on far too many young men and women these days. Lecturing
52 At any rate, I'm pleased to inform you that you've left the proverbial pond, little Tadpole. You are hereby promoted to the rank of Possum. Reluctantly proud
53 Don't let it go to your head. You're still very low on the totem pole, and you've got a lot left to learn. Lecturing
54 Off you go, now. Laziness will get you nowhere. Dismissive
55 0042C0CB Hm, yes? Oh, it's you. Well stand still and listen up, because I have something important to tell you.