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This is a transcript for dialogue with Scout Leader Pompy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Pompy_Idles 00411C40 I sure do miss having lots of children around. Tinged with sadness
2 00411C41 We'll get this place cleaned up in no time at all.
3 00411C42 Focus on the positive, that's what I always say.
4 00411C43 My goodness, where did all of this toxic waste come from? I just don't know.
5 00411C44 Ever upward, that's the way!
6 00411C45 Someday soon, the Pioneer Scouts will be back at full strength, I just know it.
7 00411C46 I remember when all the little boys and girls used to gather around for story time. I just love to tell stories.
8 00411C47 Cleaning up a mess always puts a smile on my face.
9 00411C48 Chins up and smiles on faces! Let's make every day better than the last one.
10 Pompy_Hellos_PlayerReactive 00411C2F Why, don't you look smart in that uniform! Impressed
11 00411C30 Your mother and father must be so proud to see you in that uniform. If I was your mother, I know I would be proud. Impressed
12 00411C31 I think everyone just looks a little more confident in a uniform.
13 00411C32 I think you're a special person, and when you wear that uniform, I think you're even more special.
14 00412A72 Well now, here's an aspiring Pioneer Scout! I think that's just wonderful.
15 00412A73 It's so good to see fresh new faces in the ranks of the Pioneer Scouts.
16 00412A74 Well hello there! It's always a pleasure to meet an aspiring Pioneer Scout.
17 Pompy_Hellos_General 00411C34 Did you know that toxic waste can harm plants and animals? Well it sure can.
18 00411C35 Do you know what an ecosystem is? That's all the plants and animals connected together by the land where they live. Teaching
19 00411C36 Just look at all this nasty toxic waste. This place could sure use a cleanup, don't you think?
20 00411C37 Well I don't know about you, but I'm just not very fond of all this smelly toxic waste.
21 00411C38 Toxic waste is just icky! Unhappy, as if talking to a child (like everything else that he says)
22 00411C3A Do you have any friends? Well if you do, then why not tell them to join the Pioneer Scouts?
23 00411C3B Ever upward! That's out motto, you see. It means we're always looking to grow and to achieve great things.
24 00411C3C It's so good to see you! I hope we can be special friends.
25 00411C3D It's always a pleasure to see a fine young Pioneer Scout! Er, we're all young at heart, right? Made a mistake, correcting it with a little embarrassment
26 00411C3E Hello there, friend. It's another great day in the Pioneer Scouts.
27 Pompy_Hello_StartDaily 0046C94D A possum scout! I remember when there was an entire troop of possum scouts.
28 0046C94E Are you still a tadpole? That's okay. I won't judge you, even if you are the oldest tadpole I've ever seen.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
29 D01C_TidyQuest_IntroShort 0046C94F It seems a Pioneer Scout's work is never done. Just as you clean up the toxic mutagenic waste, more oozes up.
30 It wouldn't be neighborly to leave it laying about. You want to be a good neighbor, don't you? I thought so.
31 D01C_Tidy_Quest_Intro 0045E3DA You must be the new tadpole. It's always nice to meet a new Pioneer Scout.
32 0045E3D9 I love nature. Don't you? Pioneer Scouts love all of nature. Even the smelly skunks and ugly opossums. Can you say opossum? Good.
33 One thing all the boys and girls in Pioneer Scouting hate is toxic mutagenic waste. Can you say toxic mutagenic waste? It's yucky stuff.
34 Pioneer Scouts used to pick up trash to earn a badge. That's pretty futile now. Can you say futile? I knew you could.
35 You can earn a badge by cleaning up nasty old toxic mutagenic waste and putting it in a containment barrel.
36 Can you say containment barrel? I knew you could. Now run along and earn that badge.
37 Toxic mutagenic waste may cause spurious genetic modifications, some of which may be harmful or even fatal. Said really fast and formal like the disclaimers in a TV commercial.
38 0045E3DF That badge won't earn itself.
39 0045E3E0 New, young tadpoles are the life blood of the Pioneer Scouts.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
40 0047F14E 0047F15D Today's a special day, because I have some good news for you. Would you like to know what it is? Well, of course you would! Pleased, talking as you would to a child
41 You've been hard at work on those badges, and today is your reward. That's right! You've graduated to the rank of Possum! Proud and pleased, as if talking to a young child
42 Aren't you just as pleased as punch? I'm sure good old Uncle Sam is real proud of you right now. I know that I am! Proud and pleased, as if talking to a young child
43 It's a good first step, but there's plenty left to do if you want to make it to the next rank, so get on out there and work on those badges! Proud and pleased, as if talking to a young child
44 0042C0C9 Well hey there! It's so good to see you again.