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This is a transcript for dialogue with Scout Leader Penny.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 003F5167 003F516F It's just so nice to have campers scampering around here again.
2 003F5170 Now who remembers the Pioneer Scout motto?
3 Say it with me: "Ever Upwards". "Ever Upwards" said deliberately
4 Ohohoho... very good! "very good" said a little condescendingly
5 003F5171 Aren't we just so lucky here in Appalachia? The hills, the trees, the rabid wolves...
6 Well, could be worse, aha ha.
7 003F5172 Don't leave any scraps out, now. Don't want any more scroungers like Bearsy over there! Bearsy is a bear statue at the campsite
8 Oh, poor ol' Bearsy. I give him trouble, but he's fun to have around.
9 003F5173 Well wouldya look at that! The view here never ceases to amaze.
10 Admire it while you're young, kiddos. One day you wake up with rusty sensors and it's all downhill from there.
11 003F5174 Ah, just smell this mountain air!|
12 And only moderate to severe amounts of hazardous particles, to boot.
13 003F5175 Remember, campers: no littering! How'd you like it if you came up this mountain to a heap of garbage?
14 003F5176 Ok campers, when you go out hiking don't forget the buddy system.
15 Little Layla really fried my circuits, running off like she did.
16 003F5177 Boy, that sun's a killer, there. You could fry an egg on my dome at this rate.
17 But that wouldn't make a bad breakfast, though, would it? Aha ha.
18 003F5178 Well, wouldya just look at all those stars! Oooh, how precious.
19 003F5179 Didya bring any marshmallows? Little Susie always loved roasting marshmallows.
20 003F5168 003F516A Well gosh, it's just so good to see ya, there, kiddo.
21 003F516B Wouldya look at that? Guests, all the way up here! Oh, for cute! Oh, for cute! = How adorable/delightful
22 003F516C You look like an expert camper, there. I betcha been all over Appalachia!
23 003F5169 003F517A Oh, welcome! Welcome! Take a seat and rest, why dontcha?
24 003F517B Make yourself at home, now, dear.
25 003F517C Welcome to Camp Adams, hon'. We just love visitors, dontcha know.
26 003F517D Oh yeah, sure, it's tough to keep track of the little whippersnappers.
27 But seeing them all grow up from tiny Tadpoles into brave Pioneers? That's worth it, you betcha.
28 003F517E Bearsy? Oh sure, he's harmless. Been there as long as I can remember. Bearsy is a bear statue at the campsite
29 And my memory banks go back- well, a lady never tells her age, dontcha know.
30 003F517F Well, I do have some scary stories to tell, but not while the sun's still up!
31 That wouldn't be very scary at all.
32 003F5180 Bedtime now, dear. C'mon back another night.
33 003F5181 Enjoy the rest of your night, now.
34 003F5182 Have you thought about joining the Pioneer Scouts?
35 We could always use more members, aha ha!
36 Especially now.
37 003F5183 You know, we're always looking for more Scouts to join our happy campers! Insinuatingly
38 003F5184 Oh, well if it isn't another Pioneer Scout! So good to see a fresh face.
39 003F5185 Uff da! A little big for a Pioneer Scout, arentcha? Uff da! = Surprise
40 003F5186 Welcome! I just love meeting new campers.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
41 E01C_Tales_Dark_Scene_01 004648CA This on? Oh, good. I'm sure glad the speakers are still working.
42 Hello, campers! Ready for a frightful tale? Remember, these tales are interactive, so put on your brave face and act out the story when prompted.
43 Today's tale is called: Terrors of the Dark. Hm. Seems the holotape has some errors... Well, I'm sure it'll be fine.
52 E01C_Tales_Dark_Scene_03 003EC1A5 Uff da! I'm sorry to interrupt the tale, but we have an emergency. Or at least, my Scout Leader Emergency Protocol says we do.
53 My protocol is pulling up a missing camper flag. Now, I'm almost certain I counted everyone correctly, but we should be thorough, just in case.
54 If we can't find our shadow camper, let's look for traces they may have left behind. And remember the buddy system!
59 003FC1D8 Poor little Scout, frightened out of her wits.
60 003FC1D9 Knock down those shadows!
61 003FC1DA Help our little Scout by taking down the shadows.
62 003FC1DC Pretend you're there with the Scouts. Laugh, snack, enjoy!
63 003FC1DD Including me in the festivities? Oh, for cute.
64 003FC1DE This is an interactive story. Try doing what the Scouts were doing!
65 003FC1E0 Gather some firewood, but don't wander too far.
66 003FC1E1 I bet that poor Scout could use some help gathering firewood.
67 003FC1E2 Remember, wet wood doesn't burn.
68 003FC1E4 I do hope we haven't really lost anyone.
69 003FC1E5 The last time a Scout went missing was... well, the last time I told this story.
70 003FC1E6 Have you checked everywhere?
71 003FC1E7 Don't be shy, there. Come over and take a seat by the fire!
72 003FC1E9 What are you doing out there in the dark? Come sit by the fire.
73 003FC1EA Tonight we're doing one of my very favorite Pioneer Scout pastimes: campfire tales!
74 003FC1EB Aren'tcha cold, dear? Bundle up and sit down for a tale.
75 003FC1EC As soon as everyone's seated, I'll get started. C'mon, now! Happily excited
76 003FC1D0 Uff da! I am not equipped for a fight!
37 003FC1D1 Um, not to alarm anyone, but this is bad. This is very, very bad! Trying to keep it cool when she's extremely frightened
78 003FC1D2 Please be safe, campers! Run and hide, but- but only if you can find your way back! Panicing in an emergency situation
79 003FCB58 Um, campers? You can handle this, right? You're big and well-equipped for Pioneer Scouts!
80 003FCB59 This is not what I had in mind when I planned for campfire tales!
81 0042A05F The dark is dangerous, so we need to keep the campfire lit.
82 E01C_Tales_Dark_Scene_BringHolo 003FC1D4 No camper to be found? What about that holotape? Bring it to me and I'll play it over the speakers.
83 003FC1D5 Find something? That holotape could be from our missing camper. Bring it over and I'll play it on the speakers.
84 003FC1D6 Would you bring that holotape here so I can play it over the speakers? Maybe it'll give some peace of mind.
85 E01C_Tales_Dark_Scene_HoloIntro 0041227A Thanks for your efforts, everyone. Now, I found a holotape in this misplaced bag. I hope that this will explain what's going on.
86 0041227B Alright now, gather round. There was a holotape among the missing camper's belongings. Let's give it a listen and see what we can find. A little apprehensive of what they'll find
87 0041227C Gather in, campers! I'm going to play this holotape we found. I sure do hope it will explain some things.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
107 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene00_Welcome 0046DF29 Ah, young thespians! I'm so glad you showed up. I am telling these young Pioneer Scouts a story, you see.
108 Just listen to the story and during the obvious moments, I will cue you for a sound effect.
109 If I say someone screams, then you should scream. If I say someone fell down, make a thumping noise. Use anything nearby, ok?
110 Splendid. As a storyteller, I strive for interactivity with my audience. This is an art! Ok, now... go hide yourselves. It's almost time!
111 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene01_Hammer 0046A5B1 Beware my young campers. This is a tale of the creeping fear that dwells within... and without.
112 Long ago, the Bellwether family built a home in these very woods. For days, Ma and Pa Bellwether built their cabin with their hammers. Tap tap tap.
112 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene02_Squeak 0046DF23 The very moment their home was complete, Mary heard squeaking from the floorboards. Squeak squeak...
113 "Rats!" Mary exclaimed to her parents. "The home has rats! Can't you hear this?" But they could not hear it.
114 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene03_Axes 0046DF27 Their ears were dull, Mary thought. She laid out traps for the rats and went to bed.
115 But then... chop chop. The sound of a distant axe chopping wood. Chop. Chop chop. Much closer now...
116 Chop. CHOP! Right outside her window. Mary rushed to look, but nothing was there. "Ma! Pa!" She exclaimed.
117 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene04_Splash 0046DF28 But Mary's parents didn't hear the chopping. "Why do you make up these stories, Mary? Get back to work. Take water to the animals," they said.
118 Maybe it was a dream, she hoped. Mary went to the well and dipped in her bucket, but the bucket was heavier than it should have been. Strange.
119 She peered into the bucket. Blood, and a severed head stared back! Chopped at the neck with an axe!
120 She screamed and dropped the bucket into the deep well! SPLASH!
121 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene05_Slam 0046DF20 Terrified, Mary ran back to her home and slammed the door, locking it behind her, then boarded up the windows with planks of wood.
122 "We are cursed!" She cried out to her parents.
123 E01C_Tales_Mary_
0046DF21 Suddenly from behind the cabin, a quiet voice whispered mechanically... "Tut tut... I am so glad to see you here in my home."
124 "Such a sweet family to call me here with your noises. I am drawn to the cacophony of chaos." She cackled.
125 *cough* Gramophone *cough*
126 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene07_Alarm 0046DF26 Ma Bellwether threw her hands in the air. "Honestly Mary, I don't know what to do with you. You need to stop playing games. You're nearly an adult!"
127 Pa Bellwether said, "Enough. We'll bring the Sheriff out to investigate." And he rang the alarm bell which could be heard for miles.
128 "No Pa! She is drawn to the noise!" Mary shrieked and backed into the cabin.
129 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene08_Sheriff 0046DF2A "I don't see any blood," Pa Bellwether sighed as he looked down the well while Mary's parents waited for the Sheriff.
130 The Sheriff was beckoned by the alarm, and arrived with her deputies. "What's the distress, exactly?" She started to look around the cabins.
131 As they entered the family cabin, the Witch cackled madly and they flew into a sudden and catastrophic rage!
132 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene09_Witch 0046DF25 The Sheriff lunged at Mary, but she ducked, and he fell down the well and drowned.
133 Ma and Pa Bellwether ran into the woods, followed by the deputies. It is not known what happened to any of them.
134 It was then that the Witch arrived to claim Mary.
135 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene10_Well 0046DF24 Mary opened her eyes and stood tall. "You do not scare me!" She shouted at the top of her lungs. "You are nothing!"
136 And at that very moment, the sun rose and flooded the woods with its bright light.
137 The Witch was scalded and her hair caught fire. Mary took her chance and shoved the Witch into the well.
138 Then Mary calmly closed the well cover and locked it tightly.
139 E01C_Tales_Mary_Scene11_End 0046DF22 Mary Bellwether lived the rest of her days here waiting for her parents, drinking not a drop of water from that well.
140 Some say the Witch could still sometimes be heard cackling from the well. Waiting to be let out once more.
141 So that's why Pioneer Scouts Campgrounds built your cabin right on top of the well itself, so it can never be opened again.
142 Storytime is now over. Sleep tight, campers!


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0041A677 0041A6B2 The storm is lightening up... it probably will clear up soon. We need to finish up the story before it's nice out and the mood is ruined!
2 0041A678 0041A699 Oh! Looks like the storm is clearing up. Well, I can't tell this story when it's nice and lovely outside. I'll just have to tell it some other time.
3 0041A679 0041A697 Hmm. Well, campers, we have to have some older scouts to help me tell this story. Maybe next time there's a storm we'll try again!
4 0041A67A 0041A6A4 As the Witch was dead, Mary destroyed the ring of stones just to make sure she could never be summoned again on Bellmont land.
5 But some say that if too much blood is spilled up here during a storm ... that the Witch's coven will return to claim what's theirs.
6 Sleep well, my pioneer scouts... sleep well.
7 0041A67B 0041A694 Then, after most of the familiars were destroyed, Mary was able to kill the Witch herself.
8 0041A67C 0041A6A1 It was then that Mary's Granny dropped her shawl to the ground and stepped from the shadows.
9 "You're... you're not my granny at all!" Shrieked Mary.
10 The Witch shrugged, "If you say so, but I did think of you my own..." She threw her head back laughing.
11 0041A67D 0041A6A0 "Thank you child, for donating this man to the coven," her Granny snarled. "For donating your Gran, too."
12 0041A67E 0041A691 Mary, though sickened, flew into a rage. "You have no power on Bellmont land!" She shrieked.
13 Remembering that familiars are the best way to weaken the Witch, she began viciously destroying everything except the Witch herself.
14 "What are you doing?!" The Witch screamed as her familiars were mowed down by Mary's fury.
15 0041A67F 0041A69B Mary's parents went to town to look for the doctor, leaving Mary and her Gramps in the homestead.
16 0041A680 0041A6B0 The Witch's many familiars noticed Mary's activities, and hustled into the clearing from the nearby woods.
17 0041A6B1 It was common knowledge that familiars gave Witches strength, secrets, and long life.
18 0041A681 0041A698 Mary began to feel ill, and lept out of the Ring. "Why am I sick?" She shrieked. "What's happening, Granny?"
19 Her Granny stepped into the Ring and knelt by the Uncle, hand on his chest. Blood oozed from his face, and suddenly he stopped moving.
20 Insects exploded from the woods, attracted to the scent of cursed blood.
21 0041A682 0041A695 The storm raged on as Mary collected the things that her Granny asked for. "I feel sick," she told her Granny.
22 Her Granny put a warm rag on her neck, "Dear heart, the Witch knows what you're doing and she's trying to hurt you."
23 Mary looked determined. "I'm going to finish this circle of protection anyway, and she'll be sorry she ever hurt our family!"
24 But she knew that something had affected her, something very unusual. Did she get it from the circle, or from something else?
25 0041A683 0041A6A5 Everybody gather around the campfire before the night is over and I'll tell a tale.
26 0041A6A6 Some of you scouts have been here before. Especially you in the front row. Huh.
27 0041A6A7 Time for a story, scouts! If any older scouts can assist, we can make this tale really come to life for the younger scouts.
28 0041A6A8 A night like this seems like it's perfect for the tale of Shrieking Mary. Gather around, scouts, and we'll get started!
29 0041A6A9 As a Scout Leader, it's our job to prepare you all for the world! My program adapts to incorporate skills that you may need for the future. Lots of excitement, as if she incorporated normal camping skills like sewing or archery into the program.
30 0041A6AA Okie-dokie Pioneer Scouts! Look at this night. Perfect for a campfire tale if you ask me. Gather up by the fire and we can begin.
31 0041A6AB This is a spooky story, not recommended for younger scouts! Unless you sit with another scout who can help you through the scary parts.
32 0041A6AC Some of you look old enough to help me demonstrate some of the scenes in the story to the younger scouts. Be prepared!
33 0041A6AD This is a scary story, so bring a buddy!
34 0041A6AE Don't worry, campers. I'll try to shake things up a little bit!
35 0041A6AF Is everybody ready? This is the perfect night for this tale! I'd hate to miss it.
36 0041A684 0041A6A3 Mary pulled her Uncle into the Ring of Protection and suddenly he grimaced in terrible pain. "Granny? What's happening?" She shrieked. Scared Mary
37 0041A685 0041A696 Once everything was in place, Mary looked at her Uncle and he was even worse. His eyes were bulging, and his fingers and toes were black. Annoyed
38 "Granny, we must get him to his bed. He's in pain!" Mary shrieked.
39 But her Granny replied, "No dear, he can't move. He is cursed by a Witch, and now he suffers. Drag him into the Ring of Protection now!"
40 0041A686 0041A69F Scouts, come on! The campers are waiting to see how this looks. Annoyed
41 0041A687 0041A69C Mary's Uncle followed her back to their campfire and sat down. He was a wreck. Bite marks all over his body, chunks of flesh gone.
42 He stared into the flames, barely blinking. She offered him soup and water, but he remained motionless. Ominous
43 Her parents went to town to look for a doctor, and her gramps whispered, "Get your uncle some herbs from your gramp's grave."
44 0041A69D Mary's gramps had died the day they arrived on the homestead, and was buried behind their family cabin.
45 "You must also gather stones, clear a space, and build a purification ring. Light 13 candles, my dear, one for each month," her granny advised.
46 "But how do you know this, granny?" Mary asked as she gathered these things. "A witch? What is happening?"
47 "Hurry! Once you have started, the Witch's familiars will become attracted to your activities," her granny ignored her question.
48 0041A688 0041A68F Do I hear more scouts running to our campfire to listen to our tale? Excited
49 0041A689 0041A6A2 Oh! More campers have returned at last! Turns out Mary's bells work even today! Delighted
50 0041A68A 0041A690 Oh, how nice! More Scouts have joined us for the story. I'm delighted! Delighted
51 0041A68B 0041A69E Scouts! Ring those bells louder please! The other campers can't hear them!
52 0041A68C 0041A693 The first stormy night after moving in to their newly built cabins, Mary's Uncle went missing in the woods while collecting firewood.
53 She begged her family to ring all three bells at the homestead in the hopes that he would heard them and find his way home.
54 0041A68D 0041A69A Don't forget. If you're an older scout, I expect you to help tell this story! Try to re-enact some of the scenes around the campfire.
55 Make noises with common items around the cabins or just go wild and be creative!
56 Since there are some older scouts here, I expect some realistic interpretations of this story! Roll those sleeves up, Scouts!
57 0041A68E 0041A692 All right, my scouts! It's time to get started. We want to wrap up while it's still night time.
58 This story has been retold many times, and the truth of it is somewhat lost to time. Here is a version of... the Tale of Shrieking Mary.
59 This is the story of a young girl named Mary who lived in this very spot a long time ago with her family, the Bellmonts.
60 They settled this land and tried to build a homestead here, but little did they know... this land was already claimed!