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This is a transcript for dialogue with Scout Leader Jaggy.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 Jaggy_Hellos_PlayerReactive 003FC068 Remember the Pioneer Scout motto! Ever upward! Enthusiastic
2 003FC069 Never forget our most important values - perseverance, preparedness and patriotism! Enthusiastic
3 003FC06A The ranks of the Pioneer Scouts will soon be replenished. Enthusiastic
4 003FC06B If you know anyone who'd like to join the Pioneer Scouts, I'd very much like to meet them. Enthusiastic
5 003FC06C Keep working on those badges, scout! Duty and diligence should be your guiding principles. Inspiring
6 003FC06E Looking sharp in that uniform , Pioneer Scout. Proud, impressed, enthusiastic
7 003FC06F Seeing you in that uniform is nothing short of inspiring. Proud, impressed
8 003FC070 I hope you're keeping that uniform spick and span, scout! Enthusiastic but firm
9 003FC071 That uniform is a shining symbol of our great nation. Wear it with pride! Proud, enthusiastic
10 003FC073 I hope you haven't lost your uniform, scout! That just wouldn't do! Stern
11 003FC074 You should put on that Pioneer Scout uniform I gave you and wear it with pride! Trying to inspire the player
12 003FC075 Why not wear your Pioneer Scout uniform and show everyone that you're a real American patriot!
13 003FC076 A loyal and patriotic Pioneer Scout would wear their uniform every day. You want to be a loyal and patriotic Pioneer Scout, don't you? Firm, demanding
14 Jaggy_Hellos_General 003FC079 These hills once echoed with the songs of countless birds. Ah, how I miss that splendid avian chorus! Wistful
15 003FC07A Unfortunately, my databanks contain no information about these large upright crabs that have moved into the area. Concerned
17 003FC07B Believe it or not, this lake was once quite beautiful. Wistful
18 003FC07C I have such fond memories of the days before the war, when the Pioneer Scouts gathered in the summer for bass fishing trips here at the lake. Wistful
19 003FC07D This lake was once home to numerous species of fish including walleye, musky, perch, bullhead catfish, carp... well, you get the point. Enjoying a little trivia
20 003FC07F In the Victorian era, men would often present ladies with dogwood flowers. If she kept the flower, the lady was conveying romantic interest. Like a teacher giving a lecture
21 003FC080 Beavers sharpen their teeth by grinding them together. Don't you start doing that! Amused, then joking
22 003FC081 Native Americans once used dogwood root to lure muskrats into traps. Sharing trivia
23 003FC082 Long ago, barkless dogwood tree branches were used as toothbrushes. Isn't that fascinating? Interested
24 003FC083 Beavers have transparent eyelids that protect their eye while they swim under the water. Talk about a built-in safety feature! Impressed
25 ScoutLeaderJaggyIdles 003FFCD3 West Virginia is home to many kinds of sparrows. There's the lark sparrow, the field sparrow, the vesper sparrow, the fox sparrow and many more. Cheerfully sharing trivia
26 003FFCD4 "Pioneer" derives from the French word pionnier, which means "foot soldier."
27 003FFCD5 A day spent in the forest should end with a thorough self-inspection to ensure that no ticks have invited themselves along for a ride.
28 003FFCD6 Ever upwards! That's the Pioneer Scout way! Enthusiasm and pride
29 003FFCD7 Approximately a third of all food consumed by humans is the result of honey bee pollination. Busy little creatures, those! Impressed
30 003FFCD8 I fear I'm in desperate need of an update. There are so many new creatures that aren't in my databanks I've no idea what to call them. Fretting to yourself
31 003FFCD9 I do miss seeing horses. Such noble creatures. Wistful, sad, open with a sigh if you like
32 003FFCDA West Virginia is home to two kinds of poisonous snakes, the copperhead and timber rattlesnake. Be sure to avoid them both!
33 003FFCDB More often than not, when you hear a bird singing, you're hearing a male. Male birds use songs to attract mates and stake out their territory.
34 003FFCDC Uncle Sam wants you... to join the Pioneer Scouts! Enthusiasm
35 003FFCDD What's the only difference between a slug and a snail? Why, the shell, of course!
36 003FFCDE I'm so looking forward to the next jamboree.
37 003FFCDF Join the Pioneer Scouts today! All ages are now welcome!
38 003FFCE0 With life spans typically exceeding twenty years, American lobsters outlive most of our common house pets.
39 003FFCE1 It's a good idea to regularly sharpen your fishing hooks with a metal file.
40 003FFCE2 In northern climates, moss grows on the northern side of trees, where there's more shade.
41 003FFCE3 It's a little-known fact that pine cones have genders. Male pine cones shed pollen, while female pine cones produce seeds.
42 003FFCE4 An area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas is called a watershed.
43 003FFCE5 The weeping willow can grow anywhere from five to eight feet in a year, making it one of the world's fastest-growing trees.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
44 P01C_Tadpole_PossumRankJaggy 0047F154 You've proven yourself more than capable as a novice Tadpole, and so it's time for recognition and reward. Proud, excited.
45 In the spirit of our proud Pioneer Scout motto, ever upwards, I am pleased to grant you the rank of Possum! Proud, happy
46 Your challenges will be greater, as will my expectations of you, but I know you'll find the pluck and perseverance you need to succeed! Proud, and a little bit stern. This is important, weighty stuff.
47 Right, then! It's time to get to get to work on your next set of badges. Go out there and make Uncle Sam proud! Encouraging, enthusiastic
48 0042C0CC Ah, hello there! You're just the tadpole I was looking for. I have wonderful news!
49 P01C_Tadpole_LeaderJaggyWelcome 0047F155 Due to membership numbers falling below acceptable standards, I have been authorized by, well, myself, to welcome you to the Pioneer Scouts! Enthusiastic
50 You have joined the ranks of the most patriotic and perpetually-prepared young - and recently not-so-young - men and women of America! Enthusiastic. The "and not-so-young" bit is a humorous aside.
51 You are hereby assigned the rank of Tadpole. This is your official Pioneer Scout uniform. Keep it clean and wear it with pride. Proud, enthusiastic
52 Now go forth, my little tadpole, and get to work on those badges. With diligence and determination, you'll be a possum in no time! Enthusiastic, encouraging
53 0042C0CA Hello, what have we here? Why, you have the look of a promising recruit, and that's just the kind of person I'm searching for!