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I don't have much longer. Had I known I never would have... but it's too late now, isn't it. But maybe I can help. You listening to this whoever you are... you can't undo the virus... but... You can upload your likeness into a white list in the software... then you at least, could live in the city... You just need to get to my office... there's a scanner attached to the... the...Last words

Scott W. Turner, also known as Scooter or the Saboteur, was an experienced RobCo developer and leader of the Free Watoga People's Party whose corpse can be found in his home at the abandoned Bog Town in Appalachia.


After Watoga's completion in 2042, the need for human workers dwindled, causing nearby towns, including Scott's town, to begin to become abandoned and forfeit.[1][2] As a seasoned RobCo developer hired early in the company's history and having wrote most of the robots' control protocols, Turner believed he'd be approved to live in the automated city.[3] However, when applying for Watoga citizenship, Turner and other residents in the surrounding area were routinely rejected by RobCo's management.[4]

In 2076, Turner and two others formed the Free Watoga People's Party, a small anti-robotic and anti-elitist political party. Knowing the small group wouldn't be taken seriously, the trio voted for the name to sound like a formidable political movement.[5] Later, Scott temporarily sabotaged Watoga's chef-bots, causing the machines to pepper-bomb prepared dishes and destroy the technology-dependent citizens' food.[6][7] After refusing to accept another member into the group for "not having the stomach for what needs to happen," Scott began to work on compromising Watoga's robotic emergency service protocols to "begin the revolution."[7][8]

In May 2077, Scott was given approval by RobCo directors to begin working on an after-hours side project marketed as an innovative new technology.[9] He began to design a likeness-scanning program to log and identify users to be able to safely live in Watoga after the completion of Operation Free Watoga.[10] Turner planned to forcibly overthrow the city's elitist residents and reclaim Watoga for blue-collar workers, allowing his parents to move to the city from the surrounding area.[7] After his fourteenth draft of his manifesto[11] was completed, he attempted to get it inserted into the menus at The General's Steakhouse, as it was his favorite restaurant. He asked the restaurant's owners for their photos so they could get into Watoga without being killed;[12] however, they believed him to be a nutcase, and left them in the storage room in the basement.[13]

On October 22, 2077, Turner launched Operation Free Watoga, breaching Watoga's emergency service protocols and causing the city's robots to malfunction.[14] To prevent others from fixing the machines, Turner corrupted the software on update terminals throughout the RobCo Research Center, leaving the terminal in his office the only machine capable of creating updates. To restrict access, Turner locked the terminal and prevented any badge other than his own from accessing his office.[3][15] While Turner had only planned to evacuate Watoga to deny elites permission to live in the city again, Watoga's emergency services massacred the citizens as they tried to leave.[16][17] Any residents who weren't evacuated from the city were killed.[18]

After the Great War the next day and learning of the innumerable deaths he inflicted in Watoga, Scott showed deep remorse for his actions, recognizing himself as a "monster." After being scolded in a letter from Jennica, Turner acknowledged that, while the plan surely would have caused chaos, he couldn't have known it would result in a massacre, let alone taking place only a day prior to the nuclear holocaust.[14][17] Scott began to suffer from radiation poisoning and was later stricken with paralysis, but revealed a way for others to circumvent his robots' reprogramming and live safely in Watoga.[19]



Scott W. Turner appears in Fallout 76.