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Scott "Scoot" Conroy is a wendigo living in the sunken church in Appalachia in 2102.


Scott "Scoot" Conroy was a member of the 'Truth Seekers' with his friends Calvin van Lowe and Ray Gary. The Truth Seekers were a group devoted to hunting cryptids in West Virginia but slowed their activities when van Lowe began attending Vault-Tec University in August 2072.[1] Scott Conroy and Ray Gary briefly reconvened the group in 2076 when Ray Gary brought Shelby O'Rourke to a meeting as a prospective group member. However, Conroy was still resentful of Calvin van Lowe's abandonment of the group and was rude to O'Rourke, dismissing her as another one of "these educated types."[2]

Conroy loved cats and owned twelve of them,[3] planning to buy them personalized presents for their birthdays.[4] He once attempted to put some up for adoption but couldn't find it in himself to finish writing the advertisement.[5]

Conroy had always been skeptical of his friend Calvin van Lowe's obsession with the fabled "sheepsquatch."[6] He also resented attempts by Ray Gary to humor van Lowe's beliefs.[7] In an attempt to debunk its existence, he went on a solo expedition to investigate an alleged sheepsquatch sighting and was vindicated when he found it to be only an albino deer.[8]

After debunking the sheepsquatch's existence, Conroy began hunting ghosts with his friend Shawn.[9] Their investigations led Conroy to a sunken church in the Mire. Unfortunately during his solo expedition to the church, Conroy fell into the sinkhole and broke both his legs.[10] He was found by a park ranger named Kevin who had also fallen into the sinkhole. Kevin taught him some survival skills which helped them survive while they waited for rescue. Rescue never came, but 82 days after Conroy first fell into the sinkhole, the two were joined by a third person who fell in during some earth tremors - Micky.[11] Micky was a member of the Gourmands who eventually killed and ate Kevin. Conroy was forced to eat the park ranger's corpse to survive, despite his disgust at the situation.[12] He eventually killed and ate Micky to survive and turned into a wendigo, surviving until 2102.[13]

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Scott Conroy appears only in Fallout 76.


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