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If you're stumbling across this note, or my body, just leave it. Maybe someone who knows me will find it. I fell down this sink hole and broke both of my legs. I'll be dead soon. Please, feed my cats.Day 1

Scott "Scoot" Conroy is a wendigo living in the sunken church in Appalachia.


Scoot lived in a shack in what would become the Mire with his 12 cats.[1][2] He once attempted to write an advertisement putting them up for adoption but did not finish the draft.[3]

He was a member of the Truth Seekers with his friends Calvin van Lowe and Ray Gary. The group was devoted to hunting cryptids in the Appalachian region.[4] When Calvin announced that he had been accepted into Vault-Tec University and would not be able to participate in the group for a few years, Scoot became bitter.[5] Ray continued the activity of the group, inviting prospective members such as Shelby O'Rourke to the meetings, who Scoot treated disrespectfully after learning she attended the university as well.[6]

Scoot set out to debunk reports of a "sheepsquatch," the cryptid that Calvin had been interested in.[7] During an expedition to investigate an alleged sheepsquatch sighting, he found an albino deer, considering that vindication against Calvin's claims.[8]

He then turned his attention to hunting ghosts, which led him to the sunken church.[9] During one of these expeditions, he fell into a sinkhole and broke both of his legs. He accepted he was going to die and wrote a note asking for people to feed his cats. The next day, a park ranger named Kevin fell into the sinkhole. Kevin taught Scott how to survive on water, moss and bugs.[10]

About three months later, Micky, a member of the Gourmands, also fell in the sinkhole. Micky choked Kevin to death and convinced Scott to eat his remains for their survival, which they did.[11] Scott eventually ate Micky as well.[12]

When Calvin returned to town for work in September 2077, he attended a Truth Seekers meeting where Ray shared that he had not seen Scoot in a few months.[13]

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Scott Conroy appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.