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Scorchslayer's journal - Part 1 is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found on Andrew Rhodes' corpse in Belching Betty mine.


Maxine Ballard: Is it on?

Rita Wilcox: Yeah, the red light is on, so it's recording.

Maxine Ballard: This Maxine Ballard, squad leader of The Scorchslayers. We're making this recording to document our descent into the Belching Betty Mine for the final exam.

Andrew Rhodes: Well, say which exam...

Maxine Ballard: Oh, right. For the Fire Breathers final exam. We're supposed to head inside, find the emergency beacon and watch out for Scorched.

Timothy Wolfe: Piece of cake.

Sylvester Tate: I don't know. If it's so easy, why hasn't anyone else completed the exam?

Timothy Wolfe: Because they weren't us. We've been hunting Scorched at the farms for days. How much harder could the ones in the mines be? Grow a little backbone.

Rita Wilcox: Come on, guys. Let's stick together on this.

Maxine Ballard: All of you, shut up! Okay, Scorchslayers. Time to lock and load. Let's get the job done.