The Scorched killer's receiver is a weapon mod in Fallout 76 for the 10mm pistol, the 10mm submachine gun, the assault rifle, the combat rifle, the combat shotgun, the double-barrel shotgun, the handmade rifle, the hunting rifle, the lever action rifle, the pipe gun, the pump action shotgun and the submachine gun.


The Scorched killer's receiver was originally theorized by Hank Madigan upon an expedition to the AMS corporate headquarters in Watoga whilst he was a part of the Fire Breathers. Upon searching the headquarters, Madigan discovered scientific research that detailed the property of depleted ultracite reacting with regular ultracite to produce a corrosive substance. Madigan then speculated that this property of ultracite could be utilized in a weapon that fired depleted ultracite bullets to combat the Scorched.

This receiver was then designed for twelve different weapons, whose schematics were logged into a terminal that required passwords from Fire Breathers sergeants Allemane, Cominsky and Holstein. Some 10mm pistols were modified with this receiver and now serve as a standard-issue training implement for training Fire Breathers exploring the Belching Betty mine.


When applied to compatible weapons, the Scorched Killer's receiver mod will cause damage dealt with attached weapons to have a damage increase of 50% against the Scorched, whilst dealing 20% less damage to everything else. Weapons with the applied mod will then fire bullets with a blue muzzle flash, to denote the presence of the weapon mod.


The recipe for this weapon mod varies depending on the weapon for which it is made:

Adhesive (6-7)
Crystal (5-7)
Gold (9-13)
Ultracite (15-17)
Scorched killer's receiver (1)
Weapon Adhesive Crystal Fiberglass Gold Nuclear material Ultracite
10mm pistol 6 5 5 9 12 15
10mm submachine gun 6 5 5 9 12 15
Assault rifle 7 7 6 13 17 17
Combat rifle 7 7 6 13 17 17
Combat shotgun 7 7 6 13 17 17
Double-barrel shotgun 6 5 5 9 12 15
Handmade rifle 6 5 5 9 12 15
Hunting rifle 6 5 5 9 12 15
Lever action rifle 6 5 5 9 12 15
Pipe gun 6 5 5 9 12 15
Pump action shotgun 6 5 5 9 12 15
Submachine gun 7 6 5 10 16 16

ID Table

Weapon MISC editor ID MISC ID OMOD editor ID OMOD ID
10mm pistol miscmod_mod_10mm _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C344B mod_10mm_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3457
10mm submachine gun miscmod_mod_10mmSMG _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C344D mod_10mmSMG_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C345A
Assault rifle miscmod_mod_AssaultRifle _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3452 mod_AssaultRifle_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C345B
Combat rifle miscmod_mod_CombatRifle _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C344E mod_CombatRifle_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C345C
Combat shotgun miscmod_mod_CombatShotgun _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C344F mod_CombatShotgun_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C345D
Double-barrel shotgun miscmod_mod_DoubleBarrelShotgun _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3451 mod_DoubleBarrelShotgun_Receiver _ScorchedKiller 003C345E
Handmade rifle miscmod_DLC04_mod_HandmadeGun _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3455 mod_HandmadeGun_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3461
Hunting rifle miscmod_mod_HuntingRifle _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3450 mod_HuntingRifle_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C345F
Lever action rifle miscmod_mod_LeverGun _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3456 mod_LeverGun_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3462
Pipe gun miscmod_mod_Pipegun _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C344C mod_Pipegun_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3459
Pump action shotgun miscmod_mod_PumpActionShotgun _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3453 mod_PumpActionShotgun_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C6554
Submachine gun miscmod_mod_SubmachineGun _Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3454 mod_SubmachineGun_Receiver_ScorchedKiller 003C3460



  • Prior to patch, when the Scorched killer's receiver was placed onto the combat shotgun, combat rifle, double-barrel shotgun, hunting rifle and submachine gun, the resulting weapon was turned legendary or given an extra legendary star.
  • Despite being listed as having a component value of 2 steel, scrapping the mod will not generate any materials.
  • Prior to patch, when applied to the submachine gun, the mod causes the fire rate to be increased by 40%.


  • Icon pc.png When applied to the hunting rifle, the mod causes the bullet to simply not fire, and no muzzle flash, bullet hole or damage against a target is produced, despite a round being consumed and the rechamber animation playing.[2][verified]
  • Icon pc.png It is possible that the game fails to acknowledge, that the required Code is in the players inventory, thus giving the access denied screen and leaving one unable to learn the modifications. [verification overdue]
    • This can be fixed by dropping the Code in question from the inventory and picking it up again while standing near the Master Terminal.

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