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Defeat the Scorchbeast Queen that is terrorizing the Cranberry Bog.

Event: Scorched Earth is a public event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Scorched Earth is an end-game boss fight, during which the Vault Dwellers fight a legendary scorchbeast queen. The event is triggered after fissure site Prime is nuked by a missile from one of the Appalachian Automated Launch System silos at the conclusion of Mission: Countdown.

Detailed walkthrough

The event begins once the three minute timer from Death from Above! expires and the warhead hits fissure site Prime, or the fissure site is at least within the blast zone radius, after which the scorchbeast queen emerges from it as the fissure is sealed for the duration of the event. Eight or more players are recommended for this difficult server-wide public event, in which the scorchbeast queen must be killed within 30 minutes, or else she flies away and the event fails. The fight generally consists of two repeating stages: a flight phase and a ground phase, with waves of hostiles appearing between the two phases.

Fly phase

This part of the encounter is pretty much similar to fights with regular scorchbeasts. The goal is to damage the queen with ranged weaponry, optimally crippling her limbs in order to force her on the ground, while at the same time evading her attacks. In particular, those are her sonic attack, which drains AP on impact, and her crop-dusting attack, which leaves a trail of a white-blueish substance, causing poison and radiation damage. Several Scorched may be lured by the queen, and can attack on the ground during this phase. Once the queen has been damaged sufficiently, she will land and the ground phase begins.

Ground phase

Once on the ground, the queen goes after the Vault Dwellers attacking her, and can also be assaulted in melee range. She mainly utilizes melee attacks with her limbs and wings, only rarely using her sonic attack. She also possesses the ability to lunge towards her target, crossing a large distance with one action. In addition, her permanent radiation cloak causes radiation damage to anyone within a close proximity to her.

Usually shortly before she takes off again, she uses her shockwave attack, which can stagger the Vault Dwellers. This attack also results in her summoning various Scorched and Scorched Plague-infected creatures, which can range from weaker enemies such as ticks, mole rats, rad-rats, rad-ants, and mongrels, to more powerful and dangerous ones like mirelurk kings and queens, gulpers, mega sloths, fog crawlers, deathclaws, or radscorpions, possibly even legendary ones. Due to the proximity of several fissures where scorchbeasts can spawn from, the queen may be reinforced by a scorchbeast bodyguard or two who will assist with protecting her either in the air or on the ground, dividing the attention of players from focusing on the scorchbeast matriarch to dealing with her bodyguards before they focus on her again, especially if the bodyguards are also legendary enemies or diseased, as the queen can spawn as a diseased version of herself to inflict the Blight on players, just like her regular brethren.

Vault Dwellers that deal enough damage before the queen dies will be rewarded with various stabilized flux, caps, and experience at the completion of the quest, along with the various loot that can be recovered from the queen's carcass itself, which includes ultracite crafting/mod plans, and Prime receiver mod plans for various weapons. Those that were unable to deal enough damage will be awarded one three-star legendary item and several treasury notes for just taking part in the event. Successfully completing the event for the first time awards the Scorched Earth achievement.



Random loot:

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Investigate the Fissure
Kill the Scorchbeast QueenDefeat the Scorchbeast Queen that is terrorizing the Cranberry Bog.
(Quest completed)


  • After finishing the event, a regular scorchbeast always appears from fissure site Prime after less than a minute.
  • The queen may spawn as a diseased variant, giving her attacks a chance to infect Vault Dweller with the Blight.
  • Like all legendary enemies, the scorchbeast queen has the ability to fully regenerate her health once when her HP go below 50%.