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The scorchbeast queen is a creature found in Appalachia, only encountered during Scorched Earth.


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The scorchbeast queen is an endgame boss in Fallout 76. It can only be spawned by completing Mission: Countdown and choosing to drop a blast zone upon Fissure site Prime, triggering the public event Scorched Earth. Eight or more participants are recommended for this difficult server-wide event, in which it must be killed within 30 minutes. During this engagement, waves of Scorched enemies will defend the queen.


Name (Form ID)AbilitiesItems
Scorchbeast queen
Scorched Earth Public Event

Unarmed (220 Damage)
Area (120 Damage)
Cloak (80 Damage)
Landing (75 Damage)
Sonic (150 Damage)
Strafe (20 Damage)
Level curve table
Level HP Base XP yield
80 32,767 403
81-94 32,767 XP = 4.848(Level) + 15.15
95 32,767 476
Lvl Damage Resistance Energy Resistance Radiation Resistance Poison Resistance Fire Resistance Cryo Resistance
80 200 200 200 200 200
95 275 275 275 275 275

The scorchbeast queen utilizes several different attacks, but is constantly shrouded by a large, potent radiation-damage cloak. All other attacks are treated explosions and rightfully deal area-of-effect damage.

When airborne, it will primarily release a long-range, targeted sonic attack, which counts as explosive physical damage. The interval between these attacks is at least ten seconds.[1] The strafing attack disperses a lingering poison damage fog across a wide area. If the queen is unable to detect players, it will continuously dust the approximate area.

  • Poison damage 20 per second, for 5 seconds
  • Rad damage 10 per second, 5 seconds

While grounded, the queen performs a sweeping attack using its wings to swing deliver heavy damage to the party within melee range. It may also perform a lunging attack to close the gap should its target leave its range. When surrounded,[verification needed] it may cover itself with its wings before releasing a explosive shockwave which not only deals damage, but also summons Scorched to its aid. Unlike the standard scorchbeast, the queen can call nearly any Scorched creature to its defense. The possible minions are detailed below:

Scorched reinforcements
Angler Ant Attack dog
Bee swarm (indirectly) Bloatfly Bloodbug
Cave cricket Deathclaw Fog crawler
Gulper Hermit crab Honey beast
Mega sloth Mirelurk spawn Mirelurk
Mirelurk hunter Mirelurk king Mirelurk queen
Mole miner Mole rat Mongrel
Radrat Radroach Radscorpion
Radtoad Scorched Snallygaster
Stingwing Tick Wendigo
Wolf Yao guai

The resistances of the scorchbeast queen, like all other creatures in Appalachia, are determined by a level curve table. After its resistances take effect, the queen reduces all incoming damage by an additional 70%. Similar to other creatures, the scorchbeast queen will rapidly heal itself over time after a period of not taking damage. As a legendary creature, the queen will regenerate health to 150% once upon reaching critical health.

  • Immune to radiation.
  • Immune nuke blasts.
  • Cannot trigger ricochet


Note: the party must deal at least 1,000 damage to the queen in order to qualify for loot.

Drop list

Dead Scorchbeast parts (x2)

Dead Scorchbeast meat (x2)

Dead Ultracite scrap (x2)

Dead Plans: Ultracite power armor (x1)

Dead Plan: Mounted scorchbeast queen (x1; until learned)

Dead Boss Loot Grabbag (x1)

  • LLC_Creature_Armor_Boss_Cond [LVLI:0050B47E] (33%)
  • LLC_Creature_Weapons_Boss_Cond [LVLI:0050B480] (33%)
  • LLC_Creature_PowerArmor_Boss_Cond [LVLI:004347A0] (33%)



  • The diseased Scorchbeast queen will inflict the Blight, which reduces all SPECIAL stats by 1. This may be triggered by any of its attacks in relation to the player character's Endurance and Disease Resistance.
  • If any non-Scorched hostiles are present around the event arena, the queen may wander off and attack them instead of the party. If the enemy is unable to be Scorched, the hostiles must be dealt with in order to regain the queen's aggro.
  • The scorchbeast queen cannot be disintegrated into ash or goo.
  • Unless grounded via cripple, the queen will not land unless it has opportunity to deal melee attacks. If the party is situated on objects it may not reach, it will not land. Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • The scorchbeast queen has a number of weaknesses:
    • Affected by both Hunter's and Zealot's gear.
    • Crippling one of the queen's wings will force it to land, after finding a suitable spot. The landing behavior can be interrupted by stagger effects applied by perks like Tank Killer or One Gun Army.
    • Attacking the head will deal 150% damage.
    • Due to her large hitbox, some explosions may not connect properly if unless precisely placed. To deal optimal damage, explosions should connect with its underbelly while it is grounded.
    • The scorchbeast queen will cease attacking momentarily while hovering over an area it is trying to land in. The cue for this is its behavior of floating largely in place, rather than strafing. Attacking and inflicting a stagger will interrupt the animation and prevent the landing.
    • Barring the radiation hazards, all of the queen's attacks are considered explosions and will be mitigated by the Fireproof perk or a padded/dense torso mod.
      • Its grounded melee attacks are considered both melee and explosion, so Blocker and Fireproof may be used in tandem.



  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The scorchbeast queen may occasionally wander out of bounds, making the fight impossible if it strays too far.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 If killed near the edge of the game world, the scorchbeast queen may fall out-of-bounds and be rendered unlootable.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 A known-bug with Heart of the Enemy, fast traveling may cause the body of the queen to teleport behind you after arriving at your destination. This may be exploited as a workaround for the above bug.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The scorchbeast queen cannot summon the following scorched creature variants: scorched mothman, scorched Grafton Monster, scorched mutant hound, scorched behemoth, scorched frog, scorched suicider and most of the Scorched outfit variants.[verified]


  • With the release of patch, enemies summoned by the scorchbeast queen can be of a higher level.
  • After the Wastelanders update, the scorchbeast queen received an erroneous change that made it immune to limb damage. This prevented the party from crippling its wings to force a landing. This was rectified in patch[patched]