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Scorchbeast lures are world objects in Fallout 76.


Devices used by the Free States in Appalachia to lure a scorchbeast to a kill zone and ground it there so it can be more easily dispatched by disorienting its echolocation. The technology of the scorchbeast lures was developed by the Brotherhood of Steel to attract scorchbeasts into a protected zone to more easily kill the creatures. It was after their fall to the Scorched Plague, and their warning broadcast, that Raleigh Clay gathered Free States members to see what they could salvage from their old stomping ground, Camp Venture.[1] The opportunity to gather resources and intelligence was a boon, as it included the sonic generator technology. After some review, Ella Ames came up with the idea that they could use the sound waves to create a trap for the scorchbeasts, seeking to disorient it, and ground it long enough for extermination.[2] However, the work on these lures would take their time away from the development of the Scorched Detection System. Some time after proving its effectiveness, the Free States tracked down Hank Madigan, who was attempting to contact them by tampering with a working lure. His hopes were for an alliance between the Fire Breathers and what was left of the Free States. However, the Free States were unwilling to so freely trust an ex-Brotherhood member in his promises of the Fire Breathers handling the Free States' raider problem.[3]

The work itself on the lures was almost unending, as attested by Edward Hayes,[4] who was constructing the majority of the equipment. Those in the vicinity of one could get messages radioed to a Pip-Boy.[5][6][7][8][9] The Free States eventually constructed twelve sites.

While the lures were a success on their own, their relationship with Madigan also prospered. He eventually earned their trust and helped them with the construction of the Scorched Detection System. He was given the only uplink they could make and made his way to the Top of the World to complete the network.[10] There, he tried to connect the device to their system without them knowing. He also hoped he could negotiate with the raiders. He was captured and tortured for information, eventually dying in the cage they kept him in. They were planning to ransom the uplink technology back to them, only for them to learn soon afterword that all the members of the Free States were dead.[11]


These devices operate by attracting scorchbeasts into a pre-determined kill zone. There, the lures disorient the scorchbeast's echolocation, grounding it to be more easily dispatched.[2] These devices continue to operate until the battery powering it runs out of power.[5]


It's a Trap: Scorchbeast lures are utilized in this event to track down and kill a scorchbeast.


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