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For an overview of hunting rifle models in all games, see hunting rifle.

The Scoped hunting rifle is a small gun in Fallout 2.

Nothing's better than seeing that surprised look on your target's face. The Loophole x20 Scope on this hunting rifle makes it easier than ever before. Accurate from first shot to last, no matter what kind of game you're gunning for.


The scope on the weapon dramatically increases the weapon's accurate range, allowing you to see 95% hit chances at long range even with relatively low skill. This has the drawback, however, of making the weapon horrible for use at close range, and once the range to the enemy starts dropping under 10 or so, your accuracy actually gets worse (sometimes well into the minuses), meaning that this weapon is nearly useless at close range, even with a very high Small Guns skill.


  • One can be obtained from a quest in Broken Hills, given by Marcus if you do not accept the money reward.
  • Skeeter in Gecko, Valerie in Vault City, and Eldridge and Algernon in New Reno can all upgrade the Hunting Rifle into this weapon. This is also the only weapon that Buster in NCR can upgrade.
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