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Scoot's shack terminal entries are a series of entries found on a terminal in Scoot's shack in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


Letter to L.jpg

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the shack.

Property of Scoot Conroy
"Always Seek the Truth"


Personal Documents


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Birthday Present Ideas

CLEO (06/06) - Hopefully finding him a new home!
CURLY (12/12) - Some little kitty boots
DIEGO (03/11) - A new blanket
DOROTHY (08/17) - A different blanket from Diego's
ELMA (04/02) - Need ideas!
MARI (11/17) - Something SPECIAL-- maybe a key shaped locket?
MITCHELL (04/02 or 07/29) - Jingle toy
PABBERS (06/10) - Imported canned tuna
RUBY (10/24) - New grooming brush
SPENCER (04/02 or 07/29) - Same as Mitchell, I guess?
STRIDER (01/03) - A bell, dammit, and some more of that special diet food.

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Truth Seekers, 12/10/76

[System] Now beginning "Truth Seekers" meeting for August 10th, 2076. This meeting will be auto-dictated for records.
[System] Roll call: Scott "Scoot" Conroy, Ray Gary, Shelby O'Rourke
[RAY] Alright, well I'd like to start by welcoming our newest prospective member, Ms. Shelby O'Rourke.
[SHELBY] Hi, it's good to be here!
[RAY] Shelby here is writing a thesis statement for a master's program at Vault-Tec U.
[SCOOT] Oh, well la-dee-da.
[SHELBY] Right, I'm putting a specific emphasis on the study of Cryptids-
[SCOOT] "Studies", pah, okay. Another one of these educated types. Great.
[RAY] Scoot! Come on, stop being rude.
[SCOOT] Why? Isn't she just another "academic" like our old friend Calvin?
[RAY] Scoot, let's-
[SCOOT] How long before she ditches us, too? Leaves us behind like some backwoods-
[RAY] Scoot, this is getting-
[SCOOT] Forget it, Ray! I'm not doing this again! Have a good life, Shelby!
[Unintelligible, Clatter]
[Error: too quiet, unable to dictate]
[RAY] So... Shelby, that was, um...
[SHELBY] That was a lot to process, so I think...
[RAY] Yeah, I can imagine...
[SHELBY] Work. Get back to that... Me, I mean. I'm going to... leave and get back to...
[RAY] Yeah, I understand. Meeting adjourned.
[SYSTEM] Dictation stopped

I asked Laura to load this into your terminal while she's feeding your cats. Please read over these meeting notes and really consider your behavior. I can't even look Shelby in the eyes after this. She could have been a great resource for the club!

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Draft - Adoption

Wanted: New Home for Cats

Hello, if you're an experienced owner with a love of cats, and are looking for a new companion, you can reach me at

Hi, Cat Lovers! Looking for a new best friend? Only accepting the most qualified of candi

SERIOUS CAT OWNERS ONLY. Please inquire if you're looking to adopt a

forget it

Research - PRIVATE

Note: This is the default command/file name. To access read "Letter to L" and choose correct response.[clarification needed]

Enter security phrase:



> Selected [MA]




> Selected [RI]


Research - UNLOCKED

Note: This is the filename/command after the correct code is entered above.




Sheepsquatch Field Research #1

February 20, 2070
Hunters: Me, Cal, Ray
Location: Farmland near Rt. 63

Me and the fellas took a road trip up north a bit. Heard rumors about sheep disappearing. Ray thought that maybe the Sheepsquatch eats sheep. I thought that was pretty dumb. OF COURSE, the farmers found out that a neighbor had been stealing them in the night.

No Sheepsquatch evidence.

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Sheepsquatch Field Research #2

April 2, 2071
Hunters: Me, Cal, Ray
Location: Trails out by Point Pleasant

A visiting member from Point Pleasant had mentioned some tracks to us out by where he lived. He said they weren't anything like what he's seen before. I told him that maybe the Mothman has him under mind-control. We drove out there anyway, stopped at a "Creamery" on the way-- pretty good! No Squatch to be found, though.

No Sheepsquatch evidence.

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Sheepsquatch Field Research #3

August 28, 2072
Hunters: Me, Ray
Location: Land out near Watoga

Ray wasted his time. I know he just brought me out to try to calm me down. Well screw him. Screw Cal. Screw the both of them. Cal thinks he's so god damn smart. I don't need him.


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Sheepsquatch Field Research #4

December 29, 2072
Hunters: Me
Location: Hills behind Uncanny Valley

I stopped off here on the way back from visiting Mom at home. I wanted to prove it to myself that this new sighting was a fake, even if Ray won't listen.

"Undeniable proof" my ass. It was an albino deer! Ooooh! Scary! I wish Cal was there so I could laugh in his stupid face. HA HA HA. What a terrible and mighty Sheepsquatch! LOSER.


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Spirits and Ghosts


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Ghost Field Research #1

September 24, 2077
Hunters: Me, Shawn
Location: Abandoned House in Harpers Ferry

First trip hunting a REAL phenomenon. The evidence on interacting with the spirit world is undeniable. We brought an old General Atomics BS7 transistor radio. Shawn says it's a perfect "Ghost Phone". Man, was he right. We got some of the craziest messages from this house. We kept hearing "Church" repeated over and over again.

Shawn thinks that because the radio kept picking up the local religious stations, but I don't know. I just have this feeling.

Need to look at some maps and consider next steps.

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Ghost Field Research #2

October 18, 2077
Hunters: Me
Location: Haven Church

Despite what Shawn thinks, I took a drive out to Haven Church. Couldn't find anything there, BUT I asked around and hit the jackpot: apparently there's ANOTHER OLD CHURCH a few miles East of there. Said there was an accident with a sinkhole, some people died. I knew it!

Typical. No one listens to ol' Scoot.

I'll be heading out to where this old sunken church is supposed to be tomorrow.

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