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Dialogue for Jack, assistant deputy of the NCR in NCR Downtown


{100}{}{You see a man wearing a badge of the NCR police.}
{101}{}{It's Jack, assistant deputy of the NCR law.}
{102}{}{This guy's wound tighter than a watch spring. His jaw is permanently clenched, the veins stand out on his forehead, and there's not a spot of joy or happiness anywhere on him.}
{103}{}{I don't want to hear your troubles right now. Take it to somebody else.}
{104}{}{You know, I don't have to put up with this - from you or anybody.}
{105}{}{Damn ex-wife took me for everything I had.}
{106}{}{She made a fool out of me, you know. Nobody makes a fool out of Jack.}
{107}{}{One of these days I'll show her. I'll show everybody...}
{108}{}{What you looking at? Scram!}
{109}{}{Bite me! This is Jack! People better listen to me now!}
{110}{}{I got a bomb in here so don't try anything!}
{111}{}{People always laughing at Jack, calling him Whack Jack - well who's laughing now?}
{112}{}{I'm counting to three and if Mira ain't here by then, I'll blow the place. One...}
{115}{}{What do you want? What are you staring at me for?}
{116}{}{Leave me alone, understand?}
{117}{}{Damn ex-wife - it's all her fault.}
{118}{}{Stay back! I've got a bomb!}
{119}{}{Don't do this, Jack. There's always a better solution.}
{120}{}{Uhh - stop.}
{121}{}{Yeah, sure. What would you know about this?}
{122}{}{I know things sometimes look bad, but blowing things up doesn't solve anything.}
{123}{}{Nothing. I don't know crap about your problems. Maybe you better tell me.}
{124}{}{What is this - some kind of trick? Stall Jack until his buddies come to kill him?}
{125}{}{Who wants to kill you?}
{126}{}{Don't worry, nobody's going to hurt you.}
{127}{}{That damn bitch of my ex-wife, Mira, for one. She wants me dead.}
{128}{}{So let the law deal with her. Not this way, Jack.}
{129}{}{You're right. She hired me to kill you. So what do you say? How about it, Jack?}
{130}{}{Who the hell's Mira?}
{131}{}{All right, you bastard. Let's do it!}
{132}{}{What a joke! I am the law. Look what good it's done.}
{133}{}{Jack, think about this.}
{134}{}{So blowing up the powerplant is going to fix Mira?}
{135}{}{Like I said. My ex. I catch her sleeping around and now she's saying I'm the bad guy. Got the court to give her everything and she's still trying to screw me.}
{136}{}{Whoa - that's hard. Completely unfair.}
{137}{}{You can recover. Everything passes with time. She'll forget about you.}
{138}{}{Sure...No. Crap, I don't know. I gotta do something. Let people know they can't go walking all over Jack.}
{139}{}{They know, Jack. Look at them. You blow yourself up now and they won't respect you at all.}
{140}{}{Look, think this through. Blow this place up and it'll just prove everything she says about you.}
{141}{}{No kidding, Sherlock. Now folks are going to listen to me.}
{142}{}{Nobody's going to listen to you with a bomb in your hands. Put it down, come on out, and we can get this settled.}
{143}{}{Look, think this through. Blow this place up and and folks will say, "Jack took the weak way. Let himself get pushed around by his ex-wife." She wins, you lose.}
{144}{}{You really think so?}
{145}{}{Yes, Jack. It's true.}
{146}{}{Of course. What do you think - I'm lying?}
{147}{}{I don't know.}
{148}{}{Don't let her win, Jack.}
{149}{}{Now's your chance. Be the big man. Really stand her down.}
{150}{}{Screw it. You're just full of it. You don't care about me!}
{151}{}{Ah hell, maybe you're right. This wasn't the greatest idea anyway.}
{152}{}{I would've done it, you know.}
{153}{}{Damn Mira, now she'll get hers.}
{154}{}{Now people know who Jack is, that's for sure.}
{155}{}{Just back off! I don't want to hurt you!}
{156}{}{This don't concern you!}
{157}{}{Go ahead, kill me. What do I care anymore?}
{158}{}{This isn't your fight. Leave me alone.}
{159}{}{I either blow up or you kill me. What's it matter?}
{160}{}{I'm not trying to hurt you! Just want them to remember...}
{161}{}{You gain }
{162}{}{ experience for taking care of Jack for Mira.}

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