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For the building in Diamond City, see Science! Center.

The Science Center gift shop is an unmarked location in Cambridge in 2287.


The Mr. Handy mainly sells odds and ends for the player to buy. Other than that the Mr. Handy will be selling around 9 flamer fuel.


This store is run by a Mister Handy. The gift shop is a single room, with minor loot and a novice-lock safe on the wall behind the register. There is no penalty for picking the safe, but if you are caught stealing, the Mr. Handy will turn hostile. There are several vials of Jet in the corner with the three skeletons. On the other side of the shop is another skeleton in a lab coat.

There is chemistry station against the right wall when entering the shop.


The Mr. Handy can be deactivated using the Robotics Expert perk and then the store can be looted for what is there without killing the bot.


The Science Center gift shop only appears in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the real world, this is almost the exact location of the Boston Museum of Science. There's even a drawbridge that sits right next to the main building that's nearly identical to the one in the Commonwealth. The white dome on the top of the attached structure in the game is where the planetarium is located in the real-life museum.

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