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The Science skill represents your combined scientific knowledge and is primarily used to hack restricted computer terminals. It can be used for conversion and recycling of Energy Weapon ammunition at the workbenches. Some crafting recipes also require Science.

Science is a skill in Fallout: New Vegas. It determines the chance to hack computers, get extra info from terminals, talk to specific persons, get more dialogue options.

Initial level

Example: A starting Intelligence of 5 and Luck of 5.


Like in Fallout 3, one's Science skill relative to the difficulty rating affects how hard the mini game is. At Science 100, even Hard terminals will have very few words to choose from. This can possibly be as low as 5 possible passwords which, combined with the Computer Whiz perk, means an 80% chance of getting most terminals off the bat without even having to look at the words.

Unlike Fallout 3, one's Science skill is used for more than dialogue checks and hacking. Many workbench crafting recipes, and some campfire recipes, rely on Science, specifically ones involving Energy Weapons ammunition and chem crafting.

Ways to increase Science


Perks that require Science skill

Perk Requirement Level Additional Requirements
In Shining Armor Dead Money 70 2 Repair 20
Vigilant Recycler 70 6
Math Wrath 70 10
Nerd Rage! 50 10 Intelligence 5
Robotics Expert 50 12
Computer Whiz 70 18 Intelligence 7
Nuka Chemist 90 22

Interactions that require Science skill

Notable Science experts