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That's what Science! is all about. Nothing stays the same. Everything reacts.Doctor Duff

The Science! Center is an unmarked location in Diamond City in 2287.


A small two story building that is home to a laboratory and small living area. The first level has a terminal (owned but hackable), a weapons workbench, chemistry station, cooking station, armor workbench, and a number of containers and various scientific equipment like microscopes. The top floor has a number of chems and a bed (owned).


Notable loot

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  • The terminal is listed as Professor Scara's terminal, and inside it are two dated entries concerning herself, Doctor Duff and Takahashi.[1][2]
  • One of the entries in Scara's terminal concerns the arrival of the Prydwen, which can be read before the airship has even arrived.[3]


The Science! Center appears only in Fallout 4. It is mentioned in Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.[Fallout 2d20 1]




  1. Fallout: The Roleplaying Game Rulebook p.287: "Diamond City in Boston contains this small two-story shack. Within it, a pair of romantically attached scientists, Professor Scara and Doctor Duff, focus on different experiments in the Commonwealth Wastelands. The building itself, made of corrugated iron and concrete, houses scientific equipment and paperwork with the results of many experiments. Many of these are due to Doctor Duff’s mercurial nature, flitting from experiment to experiment. Whereas her wife, Professor Scara, works to focus on only a single piece of research at a time, progressing it to completion before moving on."