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The schoolhouse is a building within Diamond City in 2287. The schoolhouse is where the children of Diamond City are educated by Mister Zwicky and his robotic teacher's aid Miss Edna, who is a Miss Nanny. The school is also populated by several children, and is open 24-hours, with some children entering and leaving throughout the day.


The schoolhouse has a very vertical layout, with a small residence on the first floor, the schoolhouse on the second floor, and a drug recreational area on the roof accessible via a ladder behind Mister Zwicky's desk. On top of the roof is a school bus, which functions as the school's sign. However, one can enter like any other bus and find various chems.


Notable loot

Live & Love issue #9 (+5% damage dealt by robotic companions) - Located on the first floor, in the room underneath the stairs on a cinder block next to a bed.

Related quests


  • The school bus on top of the building is entirely empty except for a Jet inhaler and a bottle of Gwinnett brew next to each other on the dash and a chem chest in the very back of the bus.
  • Cait dislikes interrupting class by talking to Mister Zwicky and when you encourage Miss Edna in thinking that "love conquers all."
  • Curie likes getting Edna's math question correct (180), encouraging her romance, and apologizing to Zwicky for interrupting the class. Since all three constitute different "likes" to her, all of them can be acquired in a row without worrying about cooldown.
  • Guards in the school may ask the Sole Survivor, "Aren't you a little old to be in school?"
  • MacCready likes answering Edna's math question sarcastically, saying that children need love, and saying that love conquers all.
  • Deacon dislikes answering Edna's math question sarcastically, loves saying that children need love, and loves saying that love conquers all.
  • Danse likes answering Edna's math question correctly.
  • Piper likes getting the math question correctly, saying that children need love, and saying that love conquers all and apologizing for interrupting class.


The schoolhouse appears in Fallout 4 and is mentioned in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.