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The scavenger's notes are five paper notes in Fallout 76.


These notes can be found on a Responder corpse during the Note to Dungeon random encounter. One note is randomly selected to spawn on the corpse, and reading it will begin a miscellaneous quest to retrieve a valuable item from a random location.


Note 1

Scavenging assignment: <Alias=Dungeon>
- <Alias=Item> - supposed to be one there

- .308 ammo if there is any

- Don't forget to look for antibiotics

Note 2

Got a lead on another <Alias=Item>. Check out <Alias=Dungeon>. Be careful.

Note 3

Scavenging assignment: <Alias=Dungeon>
- Top priority - <Alias=Item> - word is there's one there
- Any packaged food you can find
- We're also short on oil and circuitry, so keep an eye out for that

Note 4

Make sure to search <Alias=Dungeon> on your way and see if the <Alias=Item> is still there.

Note 5

Scavenging assignment: <Alias=Dungeon>
- <Alias=Item> - see if it's still there
- Generator parts
- Rubber hoses for the purifier


  • The miscellaneous quest started by these notes rewards 20 caps and variable XP.
  • After completion of the quest, the scavenger's note will still be a quest item, and cannot be dropped or stored. It will be removed from the player character's inventory upon joining another server.
    • Similarly, if one server hops without completing the miscellaneous quest, the quest will disappear from the quest log and the note will be removed.