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Scabby's journal KEEP OUT is a holotape in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Horse Power Armor."


The holotape can be found on Scabby, in the basement level of the Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ.


Scabby's Log 10/11

Man oh man, me and the boys hit the jackpot with this place! So much pricey junk here, I can hack it up and fix up the boy's power armors, or use it to lure traders here and whack 'em. Jet first, plan later!

Scabby's Log 10/12

We've been havin' a blast ripping this place up and trashin' everything, but y'know, I'll be damned if these Giddyup Buttercup heads ain't actually kinda cute. Maybe it's the Jet talking, but I think I'm gonna keep one! I think I'll call her Betty. Betty Buttercup... wait, no, what am I saying?!

Scabby's Log 10/14

"When you gonna fix our armor huh?" "Why you spending all that time with those little ponies huh Scabby?" that's all they say. These pricks don't get me, but I swear Betty does. I can tell her anything. She understands me!! It's like those little button eyes can read my soul. She told me to protect her friends, so I've been keeping the boys away from the Giddyup stash, tellin' 'em I need 'em to fix up their gear. They won't understand. They never understand! These Giddyups are my real friends!

Scabby's Log 10/15

Those fuckers!! Last night they shook out my coat while I was sleeping and found Betty in there. They started laughing and calling me "Pony boy" and taking turns kicking her head back and forth. Then they smashed her to bits! Oh god they smashed Betty! They have no idea what's comin' to 'em now.

Scabby's Log 10/18

These pricks think I've been working on their armors this past few days, but they've got another thing coming. Betty told me in my dreams how to get revenge. I've used the bits and pieces of my Betty and her friends to make the fastest Power Armor anyone's ever seen. They think it's for them, but when I fire it up tonight to show them how it works, I'm gonna make them beg forgiveness, and take 'em all out, one by one!! You don't fuck with Scabby!!

For now, I gotta play along like everything's just fine. We got some traders coming by we're gonna knock over, sounds like they're here now...

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Giddyup!: Scabby's journal relates the creation of the horse power armor.