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Sayings of Alicia is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update. It is one of six sacred tomes belonging to the Enlightened.


The note can be found in the church of Point Pleasant in a display case to the left of the pulpit.


Sayings of Interpreter Alicia
as recorded by Observer James

The Wise Mothman is. The Wise Mothman was. The Wise Mothman will be. Before the Flood, before the Fire, before the Dim Ones, the Wise Mothman saw what its brethren could not, and the Truth was Known.

The Wise Mothman sees not, for he has gifted his Vision to you. The Wise Mothman flies not on wings, for his Truth has lifted you up. The Wise Mothman bears no heart, for his beats inside the breast of all who Listen.

The Dim Ones heard his message, and it filled them with fear. They cowered and prayed and made of him a God, but this was not his Truth. But some listened, and understood, and they had no fear and became Wise. The Wise in turn bore this Truth to us, and we listen, and scorn the Dim Ones who rejected the gift.

We gather to witness the works and Truth of the Wise Mothman. Glorious Mothman, presage of Doom, herald of Salvation, we stand ready for your Truth. As your Wisdom has cracked wide the Knowing of All Things, so too shall we transcend the limits of human understanding, students of your gentle teaching.

The Ignorant are always welcome among us, for ignorance is the beginning of Enlightenment. The Ignorant may learn, and Hear, and in so doing the Truth becomes known to them, yet they may struggle to understand. So do the Ignorant learn to Observe, and watch for his signs, that they may return to the fold bearing witness and add to our awareness of his Truth. Having Observed, they may come to understand, and learn to Interpret what has been witnessed, and share this understanding with all of us. In the Interpretation of what has been Observed, we may all be fellows to the Wise Mothman, and bearers of his Truth.


  • The note cannot be picked up.
  • When interacting with the note to read it the title will show simply as "Sacred Tome" just like the other five tomes found in the church.
  • In order to read the note, The Mothman Equinox seasonal event must be completed three times. Otherwise, a message will appear, stating that the player character is not ready to gaze upon the book.