The region of Appalachia known to survivors as the "Savage Divide" is a mountainous area whose rocky landscape is difficult to cross and easy to get lost in.Fallout 76 loading screen

The Savage Divide is one of the six regions of Appalachia in 2102.


Originally the Monongahela National Forest, this region of Appalachia became known to survivors as the Savage Divide. It is a mountainous area whose rocky landscape is difficult to cross and easy to get lost in. Before the Great War, these high mountains of Appalachia were home to ski resorts, bed-and-breakfasts, and cabins available to rent by eager tourists. Among the most popular was Top of the World, originally an enormous ski lift station, complete with shops and restaurants at its peak. Farther north and nestled in the mountains is a spiritual retreat center known as the Palace of the Winding Path. Its unique architecture stands in stark contrast to the rest of Appalachia's mountains. Trading rumors of the goings-on inside those fenced-in walls was a popular prewar pastime.

The region became a patchwork landscape of abandoned resorts and scenic retreats, home to mole miners, super mutants and before their fall, raiders. The Savage Divide was, in fact, the base of operations for Appalachia's raider factions and all of its train stations are occupied by raider vendorbots. Traps are more common here due to the strong raider presence and the super mutants endemic to Huntersville.

The name given to the region comes from the tall mountains creating a large wall between the regions of the Forest, Ash Heap and Toxic Valley on the west side, and the regions of the Mire and Cranberry Bog on the east side. It became a raider haven after the brutal winter of 2077/2078 that reduced the affluent tourists and guests to cutthroats and cannibals, doing whatever necessary to survive.


The Savage Divide extends all the way from the North to the South of the Appalachia map. It divides both the Mire (to the Northeast) and the Cranberry Bog (to the Southeast) from the Toxic Valley (to the Northwest), the Forest (to the West), and the Ash Heap (to the Southwest)


The Savage Divide appears only in Fallout 76.

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