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The SatCom Array NW-05a terminal entries is a series of entries found on terminals in the SatCom Array NW-05a in Fallout 3.


This terminal is located on the table on the ground floor in the north corner of the facility, next to a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual.

Journal-It Software 2072 PagSoft

Log entry #006

Turns out I don't have specific data on my satellite, but the registration format suggests that it's a stationary micro-nuclear weapons platform. Tracking data appears to confirm this; the thing hasn't moved in the week I've been tracking it. Without a targeting platform at my disposal, sending an activation code would only cause it to drop a payload directly on top of this area. Not exactly what I'm aiming for, but I'll keep the codes handy just in case.

Log entry #005

What a lucky break! I pinged an orbiting body successfully today. Registration ID is USDOD-21TXH, callsign "Highwater Trouser". I'll begin tracking it and cross-reference the registration information with the data I've got.

Log entry #004

First attempts at atmospheric pinging returned negative. Considering that the motivators are still non-functional, it's going to be difficult to catch much of anything that doesn't pass directly over us. Still, I cannot rule out other mechanical failure. I haven't got much astronomical reference material with me, but maybe I can find an old chart and wait until a celestial body passes over to confirm signal. Of course, that may take years. I'll have to keep working on the motivators.

Log entry #003

Finally got to begin on my work in earnest today. Dish motivators are offline, but I was able to input some basic coordinates and ping nearby satcom arrays to the southwest and east. There was some interference pinging the NN-03d array. Probably Radroaches or something making a nest in the dishes. It may be worth sending one or two of the mercs over there to clean it out in case I can use those towers to amplify my own signal.
There were dozens of military satellites in orbit, just from the old records I found in the ruins. There must have been hundreds before the war. If I can find just a few operational platforms...

Log entry #002

Thanks to a little creative wiring, I was able to tap us into a power source. They're less common up here, but if you know where to look, there are still plenty of live power lines buried all over the Wasteland. For all their arrogance, they knew a thing or two about engineering before the bombs. I have to admit; it's remarkable that there's still power to be had after all these years.
Now that we've got all the power we'd want, I can bring our defensive turret online and try to get the dish motors operational.

Log entry #001

Nothing says "equality" like a fistful of caps. I think these Talon Company mercs are about the most cordial smoothies I've met, as long as their boss is getting paid. Luckily, money's no issue; I've hoarded plenty of it up since before these guys' parents were knee-high on a Brahmin.
Of course, if I succeed in this, it won't matter how many caps any of these rat bastards have.

disconnect user: NO ENTRY

Turret control system

Terminal is located on a table halfway up the stairs.

-RobCo Trespasser Management System-

Re-configure Targeting Parameters

> Target Data Cleared. Exercise Caution.

<!>WARNING: No Targeting Data<!>

> <!>Please Exercise Caution<!>

Deactivate Turret System

> Powering Down...

Activate Turret System

> Booting...

System Information

RobcOS v.85
(C)2076 RobCo
| User Log:
| >> Administrator (RobCoID 2398-H)
| >> New_Admin: FUCK YOU
| Welcome new user, FUCK YOU
| >> New_Targeting_Param:
| >>> FUCK YOU_userGroup

> Loading LOG file...

Satellite control terminal

This terminal is located in the satellite facility, on top level.

Enter New Positioning Data

> ERROR: Dish Motivators Offline

Decrypt Coordinates: SatCom Array NW-07

SatCom array NN-03d coordinates holodisk needed; accessing this command adds the SatCom Array NW-07c's location to the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy map.

Decrypt Coordinates: SatCom Array NN-03

SatCom array NW-07c coordinates holodisk needed; accessing this command adds the SatCom Array NN-03d's location to the Lone Wanderer's PIP-Boy map.

Upload 'Highwater Trousers' Activation

Highwater Trousers' activation code needed; this command is only accessible once.

'Highwater Trousers'
Receiving Activation Code:
Authentication Successful
Commencing Launch.

> Pinging USDOD-21TXH....