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Sargento's gang are an independent raider faction dealing in slavery in Appalachia. They are led by the eponymous Sargento.


Sargento's gang was founded after the Great War. Details about their origins are sparse, though Glenn mentions that they operated in the Capital Wasteland for a time. Glenn, a "scrappy kid" at the time, attempted to steal food from the gang. He ended up in a fight with Sargento himself; Glenn lost, but Sargento was impressed and offered him a position in the gang as a caravan guard protecting the gang as they traveled from place to place.[1]

At some point, Sargento's gang arrived in Appalachia and established an arena at the Watoga Civic Center. There, they conduct slavery and arrange arena fights. The slaves are forced to fight dangerous creatures while energetic raiders watch from the stands.[2]

Sargento also wants to keep his clientele at the arena entertained, to the point of suggesting ridiculous or overly vague themes. He leaves notes for Carl Madeiros, a technician in the gang, with ideas for new match types. One of Sargento's suggestions was simply "chainsaws." When asked what this meant, Sargento only replied "Chainsaws! You know, grgzgzghghgh pow! Make it happen!"[3][4]

Known members

Gang members


Interactions with the player character

Sargento's gang play a role in the quest The Ol' Weston Shuffle, where the player character and Johnny Weston infiltrate the Civic Center to locate Hal Gleeson, who is being held captive as a slave there. If the player character loses a match, the raiders in the arena will turn hostile and the new objective will be to kill "the Firing Squad."


Sargento's gang do not have any established connection to the Crater Raiders.


Sargento's gang appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


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