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Sarge's clues are three paper notes in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Solar Cannon."



Sarge's clue #1

For months I've been stashing away loot, sneaking off at night, and no one suspects a thing.

Not that it was hard to do. They're a clever bunch of jarheads when they need to be, but give them some R&R and their minds turn messier than a grenade in a toilet.

Anyways, since it's easy to get lost in the wastes, I wrote a bunch of clues to help me find it.

The first clue I've filed away at the Red Rocket, to the northwest of the outpost.

I've got a cabinet rigged to open with a few dings, the trick is the number of times you have to sound the bell.

But like Queen always says, you gotta press your luck. That tattoo on her face is the only key you need.

Just count the leaves and play her tune.

Sarge's clue #2

Sarge's clue 2.png

For the next clue, I hid a safe east of here, inside a house that's painted red.

Of course, once I get there, I'll need a code to open it. Something that's easy to remember. And seeing as you're a godly man Sarge, I think I'll have you look to the south for a sign.

When you see it, just count the rockets pinned in the alley, then the craters holed in the moon, and then finally, the stars underneath.

Sarge's clue #3

Sarge's clue 3.png

I put the main stash in another safe to the north of here, in one of the buses tucked below the freeway overpass.

It's taken me a long time to get everything on my list, but it's been worth it. As far as I know, Ace, Deuce, Jack, and Queen have no idea what I got hidden away.

There's guns, loot, dirty magazines, and one special little blast toy I picked up at Poseidon. It's literally lightning in a gun.

And the code for the safe? It's as simple as lining up the cards.

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