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Sanjay Kumar was the chief engineer of the Responders.


Sanjay Kumar was one of the senior members of the Responders and was responsible for repairing a variety of equipment for them, though his primary job was robot repair at the Morgantown Airport.[1] For this task, he was assigned his own personal workshop, located in one of the hangars.[2]

He was one of the people responsible for getting the machines at Mama Dolce's Food Processing up and running again and was unconcerned about the "little robots with the red stars" that guarded the facility.[3] He managed to repair the equipment enough for them to produce a stew made of canned meat, though the food processing machines made a racket when in operation and often overheated.[4]

He also set up an old police protectron to patrol downtown Morgantown and check the alarms on several Responders safehouses in the area, though its battery life is rather short-lived and the robot has a tendency to be damaged by the feral ghouls that roam the city.[5][6]

At one point, he conducted a recon mission to evaluate the state of the Tygart water treatment plant. He found it to be much worse than he expected, declared that it must have been "run by animals," and returned to Maria Chavez to tell her the bad news.[7]

Sanjay Kumar's fate is unknown, though it is possible he was at Morgantown Airport when it fell to the Scorched and therefore either died or joined their ranks.


Sanjay Kumar is mentioned only in Fallout 76, though his voice can be heard during the event quests Back on the Beat and Feed the People as well as the holotapes Field report: Mama Dolce's Food Processing and Sanjay's report.



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