Sanitizer instructions is a paper note in Fallout 3.


It can be obtained along with the food sanitizer from Moira Brown. To acquire it, you must complete the bonus objective at the Super-Duper Mart during the Wasteland Survival Guide.



Congratulations on your purchase of the TASTEE CLEEN SANITIZER, another household health essential from Abraxodyne Chemical!

Using your TASTEE CLEEN SANITIZER is simple! Just carry the sanitizer with your food or beverages, and our patented ABRAXO-LUX BACTO-SCOUR process will remove any trace bacteria before you even take your first bite or drink!

Abraxo's dietary engineers have proven that using the TASTEE CLEEN SANITIZER unlocks additional nutritional health benefits! So enjoy your food again, free of filth and grime.

And remember: ABRAXO for all your cleaning needs!

Warning: Product is not guaranteed to sanitize all food and drink.

Abraxodyne is not responsible for any sickness, paralyzation, blindness or death that may result from unauthorized use!

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