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[[Category:Fallout 4 locations]]
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The Sandy Coves Convalescent Home is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


A pre-war retirement home. Although 200 years has passed, the home still feels lively because the Mr. Handy assigned to care for the elderly is still performing its duties, even though the residents have long since passed away.



The Sandy Coves Convalescent home is facing the shore. The sign of the retirement home visible and lighted by a spotlight.


The front interior of the building is a reception area with Mr. Handy as a receptionist. In the reception desk is a terminal that will open a cabinet with Syringe Rifle and assortment of chems and stimpacks.

Next to the cabinet are retirement home resident's safes. Those safes are locked and can not be lock picked. Keys for the individual safes are hidden in each resident's room. The detailed lists of hidden places for each individual key are located in the receptionist terminal with details as follows:

  • Catherine, 205: By her cat bowls
  • Edward, 106: Behind his typewriter
  • Ethel, 203: Beneath her paintbrush
  • Margaret, 104: Under her fertilizer
  • Mortimer, 101: In his favorite boat model
  • Randall, 201: Under the mounted deer head

Inside those safes are assortment of medical items.

After venturing inside and back to reception, a group of Synths will enter guns blazing. The Mr. Handy will try to defend the facility but will likely be overwhelmed in the process unless protected by the player.

Notable loot

  • A Massachusetts Surgical Journal can be found behind a locked security door, behind and to the left of the front desk
  • A Syringer rifle can be found in the same location as above
  • Medical items in the resident's safes next to the locked security door
  • Overdue book in Margaret's room (room with pot plants) on top of the toilet
  • Three Overdue book's in Edward's room (room with typewriter) on the dresser, by the skeleton on the bed and by the foot of the bed


The Sandy Coves Convalescent Home only appears in Fallout 4.

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