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The Sanctuary Hills terminal entries are entries found on a terminal in Sanctuary Hills.

Ledger terminal


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
"We're in the business of happiness."

Sanctuary Hills



Totally high-strung and needs to relax. I keep telling him that, offering to help, but so far, no dice. By the looks of the guy, he's self-medicating with pie.



My favorite tin foil hat wearing nut job. Good for 7 ampules of Daytripper a week. Guess he's a one-a-day kind of guy. Whatever helps the man groove.



Still trying to get her some Buffout. Didn't expect the rationing to affect this, but it is what it is.



He wants something called Psycho. I'm not sure the stuff even exists. And if it does, do I really want this neanderthal using it? Guess it depends on how much he's willing to spend. I'll put some feelers out to my Army connection, see where that goes.



They still owe me for that last X-Cell delivery. Occurred to me - was it even for them? Because, so help me God, if I find out they're juicing up those dogs, we're going to have words about more than the money. But we're probably beyond words anyway. I know they have a floor safe in there - I've seen it. Master bedroom, under the dresser. Can't be that tough to crack mate.




Still good for a couple of hits of Daddy-O a week. Pretentious pseudo-intellectual asshole, but his money's good.



Wants Med-X. As much as I can get. Hasn't told me why, not really my business. Guessing there's some sort of long-term pain management going on. Disease?



Kids are usually a no-go, but this girl's got style, and she's not interested in getting tweaked. Ordered 20 blood packs. Some Halloween stunt or something. Or hell, maybe she's really a vampire. What do I care - she's got her daddy's money.




Some student at C.I.T. - Wants Daytripper, X-Cell and an entire palette (yes, palette) of Mentats. Not sure if he's doing crazy experiments, dealing to the other eggheads, or on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Don't care, so long as the money's good.



Young married couple, good for a couple Daytripper per week. Easy order, cool people, no brainer.



Cop. Longtime Buffout customer. Running into supply problems. We've had a good thing for years, I'd hate to end it now. And I don't exactly want to risk him getting all noble and law-abiding if he can't get what he wants. That would end VERY badly for me.



The old lady had upped her Daddy-O order. Weird, but profitable.




Potential new customer in Charlestown. Wants Med-X. Seems oddly desperate. Might be a cop trying too hard - need to move slowly.



Underwear model from Braintree. Beautiful, intelligent, totally weird. All she's ever wanted is Stimpaks. 10+ per week. My imagination continues to run wild.

Family terminal

Icon cut content.pngThe following is based on Fallout 4 cut content.

Terminal was likely to be located in the Sole Survivor's house, The House of Tomorrow.


Humans Only - Codsworth, Eyes Off!!

Mom's Files


Legal Musings

Saving the Commonwealth of Masachusetts, one underpriviledged citizen at a time...


HoltapeIn-game spelling Reminder

Got to pick a good moment to present it. Special time? After he gets the job? After his speech? BEFORE his speech? Just when we're out having fun as a family? Super dad deserves super appreciation!

Codsworth Service Reminder

The new infant care subroutines are pretty amazing, and I trust Codsworth with Shaun implicity. So why can't he draw my bath water at anything over 70 degrees? I swear he's doing it on purpose, trying to be funny, but it's getting old. Time to take him in and have some junk rewired (or whatever it is they do).

Halloween Costume Materials List

- Red felt
- Red ribbon
- Little red booties
- Use eyebrow pencil to draw on a little mustache?
- Check Hubris and see if they have a little plastic pitchfork



Case File Notes - Blanks vs. Kelley

Gina shouldn't have even had me review this one. It's a pretty clear non-starter. Two professional fighters go at it in the ring, one of them loses - badly - and claims the winner cheated. Doesn't say how, and nothing backs up his claim. Seems like a pretty clear case of soreloseritis. Boo hoo. Pass.

Case File Notes - Massachusetts vs. Silva

I just can't see how the Commonwealth even has a case here.

Corsino Silva, 23 year-old Roxbury resident of Cape Verdean descent, charged with the armed robbery of a Slocum's Joe coffee shop. But there's simply no hard evidence. Just the word of Cozelli, and even her description of the suspect barely matches Cruz.

I think this is the one - the case that gets me back in the game. We've got plenty saved, so I can take it pro bono. Corsino Cruz is just some poor fool who's being set up as the bad guy because the state needs him to be. The Hell with that. He's innocent, and I'm going to prove it.

Time to show Shaun how tough his mommy really is.



Dad's Files


Personal Stuff

(Codsworth, if I find you reading this I'm going to turn you into a floating ice cream machine.)

Veteran's Hall Speech - Early Outline


War. War is hell.

Back when my great-great grandfather was in the Army, the U.S. ended World War II by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We've come so far since then, haven't we? Technology has given us domestic robots, fusion-powered cars, portable computers. But we're fooling ourselves.

Today, in 2077, we're on the brink of total war. What good are high-tech toys now? They can help us escape, but we can't escape the violence in our hearts.

War is hell. And if we don't change our ways... we're all going to burn.

(Note: Too weak, too bleak. Focus on family and future.)

Personal Calendar

Saturday, October 23

8:00 pm - Speech at the Veterans Hall

You'd think someone who's been shot at on a battlefield could handle a bunch of grizzled vets, but I'm nervous as Hell. Picturing them in their underwear is not an option.

(Side note: game 4 of the World Series is being played in the city this afternoon, and Boston's primed to win for the first time in forever. I would KILL for tickets.)

Tuesday, October 26

7:00 pm - Drinks with Fox Company

Go 108th!

(Probability of us getting drunk and singing "The Snows of Anchorage" 5 times - 110%)

Thursday, October 28

8:00 pm - Date Night!

Concord's getting a little tired. Thinking we'll head into Boston. Italian?

Sunday, October 31

ALL DAY - Halloween!

We're still torn on Shaun's costume, but I think we've got it narrowed down to two. I say cop, but my better half thinks a tiny devil would be adorable. (She's got a point.)

Figure we'll take him trick or treating around 6:00, before it gets too dark. And that'll get me home in time to stop that Rosa kid from TP'ing the house.



Restoration project terminal

Terminal was to be located in Ms. Rosa's house, a cut location.


We WILL cruise America!



Kind of crazy to think of how far Louis and I have come these past four months. And I'm not just talking about the car. I hate getting all poetic, but rebuilding this Corvega really has helped rebuild our relationship. He still misses his dad - God knows we both do - but he's learning that his madre ain't so bad.

As for the Corvega: Most of the body work is done, generally speaking. Might not be pretty (yet!) but it's there. Interior needs new upholstery. Louis insist on leather - we'll see.

As for the engine. Ugh. Estoy Perdido. I'm trying, but there's only so much I can learn from books without any real training. I'm goig to have to bite the bullet and talk to the folks at Red Rocket.

Needed parts


- Exhaust manifold
- A completely rebuilt engine! Ay Dios Mio.
- Chryslus exhaust system - 2073 or later
- Coolant tank
- Seat belts
- Louis wants a roll cage. I don't know how fast he wants to go, but I promise him we'll at least achieve the baseline 0-60 in .5 seconds.