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Thanks for doing that. We'll all sleep better at night knowing we have some defenses set up.Sturges

Sanctuary is a Minutemen side quest and an achievement/trophy in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Minutemen side quest: Sanctuary
Talk to Sturges.
Build enclosed beds for Sanctuary.
Talk to Sturges.
Build water pumps or a water purifier for Sanctuary.
Talk to Sturges.
Plant crops and assign a settler to tend to them.
Talk to Sturges.
Build defenses for Sanctuary.
Report back to Sturges.
Reward: 150+ XP

Detailed walkthrough

Upon returning to Sanctuary Hills at the end of When Freedom Calls, Preston Garvey will approach the Sole Survivor and ask them to help rebuild the Minutemen. After the Sole Survivor agrees (completing When Freedom Calls and beginning The First Step), Preston will mention that Sturges could use some help as well.

To start the quest, the Sole Survivor must talk to Sturges, who will ask if they're willing to do some work. If they agree to help, Sturges will offer a series of four tasks to complete for the settlement: providing beds, water, food, and finally defenses for the people of Sanctuary. The Sole Survivor will need to use the settlement workshop to build the appropriate settlement buildings to provide for each need. As they build, the Pip-Boy will track their progress. After completing each objective, the Sole Survivor will need to speak to Sturges again to receive the next one (even if they build everything ahead of time). After the final objective is complete, Sturges will thank the Sole Survivor, ending the quest.

  • When building beds, they must be inside a building to count towards the quest. The houses in Sanctuary that still stand can be used for this purpose, or the Sole Survivor can build their own using the workshop.
  • Water pumps are the easiest way to provide water early on, requiring only a bare patch of dirt. However, at least two are needed to complete the quest due to their low water output. Water purifiers provide significantly more water, but must be placed in the river and require a power source.
  • In order to plant crops, the Sole Survivor will need to obtain the associated food item. Wild variants do not count. There are several crops behind the yellow house in the middle of Sanctuary that can be harvested to obtain the required materials. A settler also needs to be assigned for the crop to count towards the food supply. Unassigned settlers will typically assign themselves to tend crops, but this doesn't always happen, so it's a good idea to double-check.
  • A single turret will provide enough defense rating to complete the quest. The guard post is cheaper to build, but at least 3 are required and a settler must be assigned before they will contribute any defense. More defenses may be desirable to better protect Sanctuary from hostile attackers.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
250 Player agrees to helpI've agreed to help the people in Sanctuary establish a permanent settlement.
1000 Build sheltered beds for Sanctuary settlers (<Global=Min01BedPercent>%)
1010 Talk to Sturges
1200 Provide clean water for Sanctuary settlers (<Global=Min01WaterPercent>%)
1210 Talk to Sturges
1300 Provide food for Sanctuary settlers (<Global=Min01FoodPercent>%)
1310 Talk to Sturges
1400 Build defenses for Sanctuary (<Global=Min01SafetyPercent>%)
1410 Talk to Sturges
1500Quest finishedQuest completeSanctuary is well on its way to becoming a thriving settlement.

Companion reactions

Agree to help build SanctuaryNo reactionLikeLikeNo reactionLikeLikeNo reactionLikeNo reactionLikeLikeDislikesNo reactionDislikes
Refuse to help build SanctuaryNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionDislikesNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionLike
Respond sarcastically when asked to helpLikeNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionLikeNo reactionLikeDislikesNo reactionLikeDislikesLikeNo reactionLike
Complete the questNo reactionLikeLikeNo reactionLikeLikeNo reactionLikeLoveLikeLikeDislikesNo reactionDislikes


  • All of the needed resources can be built before the quest is even started, but Sturges must still be spoken to in order to advance each stage of the quest.
  • This quest essentially serves as the game's tutorial for settlement building, though it is missing some significant portions, such as power.
    • Additional quest stages in the game's files indicate that power was planned to be included at one point.


Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One The quest may stop at a certain point making it impossible to complete.[verified]

  • To fix this, reload a save prior to accepting the quest.
  • Having all materials to build with prior to starting this quest may also fix this, as fast traveling away seems to be a factor.
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