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This is a transcript for dialogue with Samuel.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00537003 005385DA Nope, no more tests for me. Just give me chill tunes and a cold Nuka-Cherry, thank you.
2 005385DB Oh hey, yeah man. That makes sense. Take it easy! Unflappable, doesn't even occur to you that he doesn't want to hear your bad poetry
3 005385DC What? No, no. Nothing like that, man. I just don't want to put a label on you. Labels are for squares ... like me?
4 005385DD Oh uh ... yikes, man. You do that.
9 00537005 005385C3 You know me, I'm just happy we found this place. Sick of not having a roof over my head.
10 005385C4 Hey. I'm writing some lyrics for a song, listen to this.... She's long, she's tall. She's got ways, she's got means. Oh oh oh, she's a queen. Oh oh- Just reading the lyrics like poetry? Or do we do some singing?
11 005385C5 Oh, don't do that. It's Samuel, man. I don't call you things that you don't like, right?
12 005385C6 I got a lot of things in motion right now, you know how it is. Some construction, some scavenging, and got my songwriting of course.... How about you?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
22 004299D2 004299EF The only time I miss being inside the Vault is when the weather's bad ... or if there's a nuke.
23 004299F0 Can't believe I lost my Nuka Tapper saves, ugh.
24 004299F1 I could really go for a hoagie ... er, sandwich.
25 004299F2 What the heck is a jawn anyway? I just don't get it.
26 004299F3 Is it yinz... or youse... or y'all? I can't keep up.
49 00597811 Civilization is being rebuilt, right here in Foundation.
64 004299D3 00429A33 It's so cool how much we've done to make Foundation a safe place.
65 00429A34 Check it out, it's my biggest buddy!
66 00429A35 Hey buddy, what's shaking?
91 0042AFC8 Jen's got style that I can respect. You know what I mean?
119 0057BB75 Come join us for some music. We play every night.
120 0057BB76 Every night we play music on the deck. You don't want to miss it.
121 0057BB77 This is a great way to end the day.
122 0057BB78 Its nice to relax to some music at the end of the day.
123 0057BB79 Time to get some shut eye.
124 0057BB7A Time for bed. I'm tired. Building this place is hard work.
125 0057BB7C Morning. greeting
128 0059781D I heard you like to hurt settlers. Just leave us alone.
129 0059781E Get away! Touch me and I'll scream!.
130 0059781F I've heard about you. Leave me alone!
142 0059782E You know what would be cool? We could get leather jackets with patches on them and hang out around town looking tough.
145 0059F00D Another day of hard work.
146 0059F00E Afternoon. greeting
147 0059F00F Evening. greeting
148 0058EC94 0058ECA1 I came from a Vault, just like you.
149 You've never heard of it. Its really far away. And hidden. Like really hidden. I don't even know how to get to it. Like at all. He's lying
150 0058EC95 0058ECA9 Little bit of this and a little bit of that. Whatever needs doing.
151 Ward says he's still trying to figure out what I'm best at.
152 0058ECAA For a while I was just kicking around doing odd jobs.
153 But Ward gave me an important job. I'm in charge of the gold bullion exchange.
154 0058EC96 0058EC9E Ward's in charge out here. Oh, he'll say he ain't, but he is. Of course he reports to Paige for the big stuff.
155 When he points, they all jump. I reckon it's because he always puts Foundation ahead of himself.
156 As for the rest of them, I'm still getting to know everyone.
195 0058FE00 0058FE04 Foundation. The new home for settlers that want to live free and safe in the Wasteland.
197 00593D2C 00429A32 Hey fellow dweller, how's it going?
219 0059BC78 00429A36 Let me know if you see any repairs I should add to my list. The evergrowing, unending list....


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
231 00593D2C 0057BB7B I've made a lot of friends here in Foundation. Nobody special yet though, if you know what I mean.