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For the mentioned-only scavenger of Cow Spots Creamery, see Samuel (Fallout 76).
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Samuel is a member of the settlers residing in Foundation in 2103.


Samuel shares that he is from a vault similar to that of the Vault 76 vault dwellers, noting its location is far away and well hidden, insisting that those inquiring would not have heard of it.[1] He mentions that he misses living there, but is likewise glad to be free of tests subjected upon him.[2][3] However, the apparel that he wears is from Vault-Tec University.

Samuel attempts to use regional words such as "yinz," "hoagies" and "jawn," though he expresses confusion with the terms and says he cannot keep up, referring to the different dialects that are found in Foundation's diverse populace.[4][5][6] Elsie Taylor notes that Samuel is one of the newer citizens of Foundation.[7] Samuel is light hearted, and enjoys playing Nuka Tapper, although expresses his frustration at losing his saved games.[8] He is also an avid lyricist, though some residents try to avoid being an audience to it.[9]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a merchant. Sells: Rare items for gold bullion

Other interactions

After the events of Secrets Revealed, the last quest in the Wastelanders main questline, Samuel will become available as a merchant, as Ward assigns the gold bullion exchange to him.[10]


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
VTU T-shirt and jeans
VTU trucker cap


Samuel sells rare plans. The availability of merchandise depends on one's reputation with the settlers. He only trades in Gold Bulliongold bullion.

Merchandise (Samuel)


Samuel appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


  1. Vault Dweller: "How did you end up here?"
    Samuel: "I came from a Vault, just like you. You've never heard of it. ItsIn-game spelling really far away. And hidden. Like really hidden. I don't even know how to get to it. Like at all."
    (W05 GoldVendor Settler Samuel.txt)
  2. Samuel: "The only time I miss being inside the Vault is when the weather's bad ... or if there's a nuke."
    (W05 GoldVendor Settler Samuel.txt)
  3. Settler: "Hey, how's it going Samuel?"
    Samuel: "You know me, I'm just happy we found this place. Sick of not having a roof over my head."
    Settler: "You miss that vault living, dweller?"
    Samuel: "Nope, no more tests for me. Just give me chill tunes and a cold Nuka-Cherry, thank you."
  4. Samuel: "Is it yinz... or youse... or y'all? I can't keep up."
  5. Samuel: "What the heck is a jawn anyway? I just don't get it."
    (W05 GoldVendor Settler Samuel.txt)
  6. Samuel: "I could really go for a hoagie ... er, sandwich."
    (W05 GoldVendor Settler Samuel.txt)
  7. "Elsie Taylor: Samuel is one of our newer citizens. Maybe you can be his friend. He's from a Vault, like you."
    (W05 NPCF ElsieTaylor.txt)
  8. Samuel: "Can't believe I lost my Nuka Tapper saves, ugh."
    (W05 GoldVendor Settler Samuel.txt)
  9. Settler: "Hey Samuel."
    Samuel: "Hey. I'm writing some lyrics for a song, listen to this.... She's long, she's tall. She's got ways, she's got means. Oh oh oh, she's a queen. Oh oh-"
    Settler: "Oh uh, I don't actually have the time to uh, stop and really listen right now. Besides, you should ask Jen or something."
    Samuel: "Oh hey, yeah man. That makes sense. Take it easy!"
  10. Samuel: "For a while I was just kicking around doing odd jobs. But Ward gave me an important job. I'm in charge of the gold bullion exchange."
    (W05 GoldVendor Settler Samuel.txt)