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Sam Blackwell: "No" on Measure 6 is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on the main desk of the executive suite of the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters, accessed through the keycard locked elevator in the lobby.


Sam Blackwell: "NO" on Measure 6

by Quinn Carter
"The people of the Appalachian Territories cannot sit idly by while their livelihoods are ripped away by metallic hands." These were the words of Senator Samuel Blackwell, coming out in a Herald interview as an authoritative voice against the controversial Ballot Measure 6.

Measure 6, set to be voted on this upcoming November, would issue a $2.6 billion bond to begin the process of replacing all human workers in the Appalachian government with automated systems, with the goal of complete automation by 2087. Among many in the region, however, it's come to be seen as a proxy war between local workers and the conglomerates such as Hornwright Industrial and Atomic Mining Services driving the shift away from traditional labor.

In our interview, Senator Blackwell spoke frankly about the effect he believed Ballot Measure 6 would have on the citizens of Appalachia: "... a slow-moving disaster. It is our role as members of government to advocate for our constituents. What do the people of Appalachia get from Ballot Measure 6 other than pink slips and empty bellies?"

When asked for comment, Daniel Hornwright, CEO of Hornwright Industrial and a major proponent of the measure, stated, "Senator Blackwell's professed interest in the welfare of Appalachia went out the window when he decided to start associating with separatists like the 'Free Staters.' We have no additional comment."