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We Salvatores...we will rule New Reno. If a child must die to ensure that, it will be...done. There is no other reason.Louis Salvatore

The Salvatores are a faction in New Reno in 2241.


A crime family mostly operating in the West Side of New Reno, the Salvatores operate under the sole leadership of aging crime boss, Louis Salvatore. The family maintains a low profile and have been described as a "quiet bunch," building up their forces and developing their influence and wealth before brutally asserting their presence with laser pistols in early 2241.[1][2]

Two of Salvatore's men executed a group of rival thugs belonging to the Bishops and Mordinos, the latter of which tried to encroach on their territory in the West Side. The shock of losing men to superior armaments resulted in the families giving them a wide berth.[3]

Outside relations

The Salvatores mostly keep to themselves, the other families keeping their distance ever since the West Side Massacre.[3] They are very protective of their secrets and have killed people who asked questions, such as those concerning their laser weaponry.[4] The family has also killed for other self-defined "insults" toward them, such as cheating at cards.[5][6]

Despite their reclusiveness, they do not shy away from conflict. Rather than direct and high-profile brute force, they utilize subterfuge and racketeering protection services. Louis Salvatore ordered Richard Wright to be poisoned with tainted Jet, knowing that the Wrights would blame the Mordinos for the killing. This would lead to war between the two families, weakening them and allowing the Salvatores to take control of New Reno.[7][8][9]

One of the crime family's noteworthy dealings was with the Enclave, who traded them laser weaponry in exchange for critical chemical components required to develop and manufacture their FEV Curling-13 project.[10][11]


The Salvatores appear only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

Cartucci was the old name for the Salvatores in New Reno. There was supposed to be a movie of them dealing with the Enclave.Chris Avellone, Fallout Bible 8


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  6. Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd, recover the stolen money, and make an... example of him
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  11. Help guard a secret transaction taking place in the desert