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Salt Lake City was a pre-War city located in northern Utah.


Located at the heart of Utah, Salt Lake City was heavily bombarded in the Great War. Over the span of just seven minutes, thirteen nuclear weapons hit the city, turning it into a sea of fire and destruction.[1] When the fires finally died down, the city was left a smoldering ruin. It was a landscape of craters and scorched earth, punctuated by warped steel skeletons of highrises and mounds of bricks where buildings would normally stand.[2]

The desolate wasteland became a breeding ground for mutants and undesirables. The only safe route into the city is through Interstate 80 or New Canaan.[3] The most terrifying presence is the White Legs tribe, opportunistic raiders who were ordered by Caesar to destroy New Canaan, home of the Legion's former Legate, Joshua Graham.[4][5]


A pre-War SLCPD (Salt Lake City Police Department) ballistic vest is a part of Joshua Graham's armor.


Salt Lake City is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-ons Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road.

Behind the scenes

Salt Lake City is a real world city, the capital of Utah and the most populous in the state.


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