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Saddle Up Salisbury Steak. Graded A+.Sole Survivor

Salisbury Steak is a consumable item in Fallout 4.


Saddle Up Salisbury Steaks are found in branded split-tone boxes that heal 30 Hit Points and add 9 rads upon consumption. The box pictures a meal that appears to consist of a Salisbury steak patty covered in brown gravy with two sides, corn on the cob and peas. The back of the package has a nutrition information panel on the left side and four lines of text in the lower right corner, both of which are illegible.


  • One post-War variant at the foot of the bed in the root cellar.
  • Five pre-War boxes in the Cabot House in the dining room and the basement.
  • Three pre-War boxes in Vault 81, one in the cafeteria and two in the northeast bedroom in a shelf partly covered by a blackboard.
  • Two pre-War boxes in the cafeteria's kitchen in Vault 114.