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Salida del Sol - 'Sunrise.' Not much to look at now.Dean Domino

Salida del Sol is a location within the Villa in the Sierra Madre in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


Prior to the Great War, the area hosted a church as well as the on-site homes of many of the casino staff.


Situated on the eastern half of the Villa, split into Salida del Sol South and Salida del Sol North, Salida del Sol is littered with traps and mines across the area, with some hidden within the Cloud. A large number of ghost people also inhabit the area.

Salida del Sol south[]

Upon entering from the Villa gate, one arrives at the "southern" half of Salida del Sol, although much of the forward progress through this section will seem to be to the east and south since at the very first intersection one encounters two blocked gates - one permanently blocked, and the other, to the Salida del Sol courtyard, locked until reached from the other side.

A battle with two to three ghost people will quickly ensue when one initially approaches the first intersection, and a total of about six populate the region when it is first entered.

A hole in the wall on the right just after the Villa gate provides rooftop access, which can be useful in this area for circumnavigating the two main areas of toxic cloud (although upon reaching the switching station one can use the terminal outside to remove most of the toxic cloud from the area, considerably easing navigation within Salida del Sol).

The second courtyard can be reached either by traveling south along the main street and then west (i.e. right and then right) from the first intersection, or on the rooftops by cutting through the first hole in the wall encountered when traversing around to the right. This area is effectively a dead-end but provides access to several buildings with miscellaneous loot.

The third area, a smaller courtyard, is reached either by following the rooftops around to the right or by continuing around in the street to the south until one reaches a fork with a vending machine and the graffiti "Cloud kills fast or slow," and then heading right. If one is on the rooftops then the very last hole in the wall on the right contains one of Dean's Secret Stashes.

From this point, one has two main options to reach the switching station. To avoid passing through Cloud, one must take the stairs up to the room with a terminal which lets one shut off some speakers in the area (and if one is playing in Hardcore mode features the unusual sight of all the ingredients for a caravan lunch sitting in one place next to an electric hot plate). From the balcony on the other side, one can jump down and hug the wall to the right until it terminates in the courtyard with the switching station, now on one's left. If one wishes to avoid the Cloud pockets when bringing Dog to the switching station, it may be necessary to travel this way, turn on the ventilation with the terminal, and then return for Dog via the direct tunnel below.

Alternatively, behind the staircase in the small vending machine courtyard, through the archway hidden at the far south end, one can pass through a moderate-sized section of cloud and reach the station directly and incidentally a turn-off on the right side of this tunnel along the way leads quickly to another secret stash. Once the toxic cloud is cleared using the terminal at the switching station, it becomes much easier to make progress toward the east and north.

Returning now to the intersection with the vending machine, one can proceed east down the main street through an area initially shrouded in toxic cloud but hopefully now turned off with the ventilation system. Two shootable speakers cover this area of the street - one up and behind the archway and one above the archway at the far end. Between these two speakers, be sure to nip into the small cloud-filled shop with the cosmic knife sign to pick up the third of the secret stashes in this area.

Then, by continuing to travel down the main street one reaches a dead end with another vending machine and the door to the North area.

Salida switching station[]

The Salida switching station is located in the southwest corner of the area and is where Dog must be brought during Fires in the Sky. There is also a hidden terminal to bring power to the ventilation system and rid the area of the toxic cloud.

Salida del Sol north[]

As worseIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar as the other places are? This section of town is the most dangerous.Dean Domino

Although situated in the north, this second area of Salida del Sol is first entered through a door marked "Salida del Sol house," at the far eastern end of the southern section. It is initially populated by about six ghost people.

Although extremely convoluted, navigating Salida del Sol north is made easier by the graffiti on the walls: numerous tags saying things such as "Run, run, run!" have been spread across the area, and can help guide one's way back to the Villa. The tags are generally oriented so that, if the player character is facing one, then they are facing away from the bell tower, and toward the Villa. Therefore, if one sees a tag in front of them, it is guaranteed that they are continuing along the route toward the Villa. Turning around will lead more or less towards the bell tower.

Upon exiting the house that begins the area, one can:

  1. Look to the left (west) and see the other end of the permanently blocked gate one encountered upon entering Salida del Sol south.
  2. Looking straight ahead (north) from the house doorway, the unlocked gate shrouded in the toxic Cloud is perhaps best avoided initially as it is also covered by a speaker more easily reached by traveling east first.
  3. Finally, turn right (east), where following a battle with two ghost people, progress forward can be made.

Left path[]

Ahead on the left through some arches is a shop with both a hologram vendor and a vending machine. Standing next to the vendor one can easily see and shoot the speaker over the far door. With this speaker disabled, one can safely proceed through the doorway, reaching a small courtyard that connects back up with the cloud covered gate back toward the entrance to the area.

Alternatively, one can make a side excursion to the west through an abandoned cafe with a radio on the counter which can be shot or simply turned off. This leads upstairs to a room with a terminal and a balcony that allows a one-way drop down into the cloud-filled Salida del Sol courtyard, from which one can obtain another secret stash but must then return the long way around via the gate to the South area.

Right path[]

Instead of entering the shop with the hologram vendor above, one can proceed east and southeast down the main street. Skipping the first staircase (on the right) for the moment, heading to the dead end with a second staircase allows one to retrieve a secret stash in the back of the shop. There is a radio behind the counter which can be shot or simply turned off. The actual stash is up at the top of the shelf behind the counter.

Now returning to the skipped staircase on the south side of the street, ascend it but don't enter the doorway yet as there is one last important side-excursion: jump over to the archway and cross to the roof awnings. Head as far west as one can get on the awnings - this requires recrossing the street on the second archway until one reaches a hole in the wall on the left. One is now just above the permanently blocked gate one encounters on entering the region. In the room, one can find not only another secret stash but also the Snow globe - Sierra Madre which will immediately convert to 2000 Sierra Madre chips. In addition, the stacked desks contain considerable miscellaneous loot including more chips.

Returning once again to the "skipped staircase," one can now proceed forward through the doorway at the top, into a building where one can pick up the Vending machine code - "Radaway" from the bar near the pool table downstairs.

Head out through the hole in the wall and the pathway gradually bends around to the north to reach a small octagonal courtyard with a tree (and some bear traps) in the center. The only way forward is through the northern tunnel. This tunnel soon reaches a split in the path covered by a speaker. The speaker is just behind and above the entrance to the arched stairway heading north, so turning around while halfway up the stairs will allow one to take it out. At this point following either path will lead to the junction; one way just leads to the balcony and the other to the courtyard below.


Both paths converge from east and west upon a dark and bare cobblestone courtyard. The only path northward is now up a staircase with a light shining by it, although one can of course now first choose to explore the path-not-taken of the ones above before proceeding on northward with the level. At least one ghost person usually lurks somewhere near the junction.

The building one enters through the staircase is a tall one, and the choices are to proceed through a hole in the wall past the vending machine on the lower level or to climb two further flights of stairs (leading to a terminal with part of the History of the Sierra Madre) before dropping back down over the rooftops, but in either case, one winds up in an L-shaped courtyard with a wooden ramp leading up to the next building with a trip-wire trapped entrance.

This next building contains yet another vending machine, and when one passes through it for the first time it's best to be ready for a group of three ghost people to attack.

One will now have arrived at the corner of a large courtyard, but before proceeding north take a look to the right and south, where a large staircase descends into the cloud. At the bottom of this staircase on the right is the last of Dean's Secret Stashes. The stash can also be reached without passing through the cloud by traveling east from this same large courtyard - this path requires shooting or running past a speaker positioned at the top of the wall over the stairwell (as one looks down the stairwell).

Once one is ready to proceed beyond the large courtyard, the large staircase leading up and to the north brings one to the Campanas del Sol.

Campanas del Sol[]

Main article: Campanas del Sol

Campanas del Sol is situated in the very north of Salida del Sol north, and although one receives a map marker and XP upon arriving, it is really completely contiguous with the Salida del Sol north area.

The entry point for the area is a very large courtyard surrounded by balconies. Five ghost people will be lurking in the buildings and balconies surrounding the courtyard.

Although it presents an illusion of complexity, this area is actually quite linear in its progression. Standing in the center of the courtyard makes it easier to get one's bearings. There are three holes in the wall on the upper balcony level - north, east, and west. The north one represents the way forward but first one must reach the balcony. Meanwhile, on the lower courtyard level, there are two holes in the wall, east, and west, in addition to the stairs returning to the south. Since the east hole leads to a dead-end room (though with some minor loot), one must proceed through the hole in the western wall.

Heading through the western hole takes one on a macabre detour through a chapel room, downstairs through a very large but mostly empty wine cellar, and then back up through a creepy funerary scene. Up one more flight of stairs, one then reaches the eastern side of the courtyard balcony. Two harvesters will by now have spawned in the courtyard one just left. From the balcony, one can then stop by the upper western hole in the wall which leads to a dead-end room (though featuring quite a bit of ammo for the holorifle).

One can now proceed at last through the northern hole in the balcony to reach the final section of the level. An empty dormitory leads through to a hole in the wall and another small courtyard. As one approaches the archway on the other side a telltale "collar beeping" situation arises once again. The source is a radio in the upper room - one can run up and turn it off (there is a safe spot just after turning right at the top of the stairs), or if in an explosives mood just chuck a frag grenade in through either entrance.

Now crossing the upper balcony of this small courtyard, one reaches a hole on the other side leading to a passageway and a room. In the passageway, the currently inactive speaker foreshadows the fact that it may shortly become active on one's return from the bell tower - a hint that one can take this opportunity to return and fill the preceding areas of Campanas del Sol with any demolition charges and frag mines that have accumulated in inventory.

The ladder at the end of the final room leads to the top of the Bell Tower, where the Control Panel involved in Trigger the Gala Event can be found along with the Vending machine code - "hologram rifle - focusing lense" and Vending machine code - "super stimpak".

Once the gala event begins, new ghost people will spawn throughout the area (one can optionally shoot at them from here in the tower) and previously inactive speakers will be turned on.

Salida del Sol courtyard[]

West of the north entrance's map marker is the Salida del Sol courtyard. The courtyard area is recognizable by what at first glance seems to be a toxic deathtrap filled with the Cloud, and the only area with standing water in the Villa. Most of the courtyard is filled with the Cloud, as the only safe areas to stand in happen to be the awnings above the courtyard and the area right by the gate. The only exit is a locked gate which leads back to Salida del Sol south. Once fallen into, the only way out of the courtyard is to find the Salida del Sol courtyard key, located next to a skeleton and a toolbox in the southeast corner of the courtyard.

Speakers and Radios[]

  • 2 blue speakers can be found in the southeastern section of the doorway to the courtyard. Both are above the arched ceiling before the door to Salida del Sol North.
  • Another blue speaker is found nex to a hole in the wall in the market with the hologram vendor.
  • Yet another blue speaker can be found above a starcase close to Elijah radio frequency location.
  • Another blue speaker is found above the staircase near the terminal the tell about another construction mishap.
  • 2 red speakers and a radio cover a large portion of the southernmost area of the map. One set directly above the archway entrance. The second found on the northeastern entrance. The radio can be seen on the end of a balcony after the latter speaker location. This radio cannot be accessed, only destroyed.
  • A deactivated speaker can be seen near the girder trap.

Notable loot[]

Salida del Sol south[]

  • Three Dean's Secret Stashes. Their individual locations are identified throughout this article and marked on the map.
  • Vending machine code - "Bear trap fist - heavy duty springs" - Found in the Salida switching station. Located by some pipes to the right as one enters the gated enclosure.
  • A copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - on the second floor of the building just south of the entrance to Salida del Sol North on the map.
  • Journal note - Found on the second floor of the building south of the Villa and Salida del Sol courtyard entrances on the map. Dead end section on the very left edge of the map on the other side of the wall from the switching substation. The entrance is a hole in the wall with a trip wire connected to an iron girder trap.
  • Stained page note - in a building identified by the first set of stairs encountered. There is graffiti at the top of the stairs that reads "Floors have teeth." Upon entering the building, it is in the right corner on a counter underneath a lunchbox.
  • Automatic rifle - One in a gun cabinet on the ground floor of a building south of the building with the upturned pool table. Another can be found east of the Salida switching station, on a second-floor balcony next to a beeping radio.

Salida del Sol north[]

  • Four Dean's Secret Stashes. Their individual locations are identified throughout this article and marked on the map.
  • Snow globe - Sierra Madre - Located near a Dean's secret stash in the upper levels. From the southernmost entrance to Salida del Sol South (inside the house where one entered Salida del Sol North), proceed down the stairway and out to the street, then turn around and look to the rear for the entrance hole in the wall above. This area can be reached by going up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and following the rooftops back towards the hole. There is also a large amount of Sierra Madre chips located in the stacked desks.
  • Two Lover's Mark stashes. For the first one, start in the room with the Snow globe (see above). Exit that room, head west and around the narrow roof edge, through the poison fog, then across the top of the gate arch to the opposite roof edge, finally turn left and go to the north wall. There the Courier will find a lover's mark and a weapon repair kit. For the second stash, start from the apartment exit in the wall, turn right and follow the path until it makes a right turn, and instead of following it, turn left and enter the hole in the wall which leads to a shop with a hologram. Exit the shop's other entrance and turn right until reaching a wall that says "Where Are We." Turn to the right and follow the stairs, passing the courtyard, then follow the archway and keep to the right, entering another courtyard. The lover's mark is diametrically opposite of where one entered the courtyard behind a pillar.
  • Vending machine code - "Rad-X" - Found in a three floor house just south of the center of this area. The code is on the third floor on a bookshelf next to the bed. There is also a hole in the wall that leads to the rooftops and the 743.00-Hz ULF radio signal.
  • Vending machine code - "RadAway" - Found behind a counter in a room with a pool table. From the southernmost entrance to Salida del Sol South, proceed down the stairway and out to the street and then turn right, go up the stairs located around the corner to the southeast and cross the room, proceed down the stairway and a pool table will be seen.
  • Jack of Diamonds - Sierra Madre - Found in the room where a hologram vendor and a destroyable speaker is, in between the hologram and speaker. In the broken glass display cases.
  • 6 of Spades - Sierra Madre - in the northwest corner of a small courtyard with three bear traps and a dead tree, on the ground between a wall and three pipes, just west of the stairs leading to a room containing a Dean's Secret Stash, radio and two pool tables.
  • Torn journal note - Located in the house when first entering this area by the top of the set of stairs leading down.

Campanas del Sol[]

Related quests[]


Traveling between Salida del Sol and the Villa via the gate will instantly restore the player character's hidden status.


Salida del Sol appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

Behind the scenes[]

  • "Salida del sol" is Spanish for "sunrise."
  • If Wild Wasteland is an active trait, in the basement area on the way to the bell tower, graffiti saying "I am not your mummy" is seen on a pillar in the center. This is a reference to the Doctor Who episodes "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" in which a set of nanomachines infected victims of the London Blitz, turning them into gas mask-wearing zombies who can only ask "Are you my mummy?" because "patient zero" of the infection was a young boy wearing a gas mask looking for his mother.